Dolphins-Titans Predictions: Will Miami Increase Its Grip On A Playoff Place Against Second-Placed Tennessee?

Dolphins-Titans Predictions: Will Miami Increase Its Grip On A Playoff Place Against Second-Placed Tennessee?

Dolphins (8-7) on Titans (10-5), Sunday, 1:00 pm, CBS

Last line: Titans get 3 1/2 points; more / less – 40.

Dave Hyde, Sportswriter (Season Record: 10-5): Titans 20, Dolphins 17

On the road, in cold weather, against the second place in the AFC, it is difficult to choose a victory for the Dolphins. Tennessee has warts, however, starting with an attack that dolphins’ red-hot defenses can turn around. If so, and if Tua Tagovailoa plays without mistakes, you see a path to chagrin. But it’s not for nothing that Tennessee is a favorite of Vegas bookmakers.

Omar Kelly, Dolphin Observer (Season Record: 11-4): Dolphins 21, Titans 17

These are the types of games that create legacy and change the trajectory of the franchise. Tua Tagovailoa finished 5th in the 2020 Draft because that’s where he thrives. Tagovailoa was more than efficient, leading the NFL in terms of completion rates (70.1). His favorite target, Jaylen Waddle, needs six moves to break the rookie record of 101 set by Anquan Boldin in 2003. Waddle has had at least eight hauls in four straight games.

David Fourones, Dolphins Writer (Season 11-4): Dolphins 20, Titans 16

Tennessee’s four more days of rest and preparation concern the Miami game Monday night and the Titans the previous Thursday. But Tennessee just isn’t the same without RB star Derrick Henry. Since he fell injured, the Titans are 4-3. They are still a physical team that can handle the ball, but judging by the way Miami defense is playing, they should stop running and thrill Ryan Tannehill with pressure and different looks. I also trust Tua Tagovailoa to manage the game intelligently. The late season farewell and relative health should also help the dolphins survive the short week.

Katie Laughlin, Sports Editor (Season Record: 10-5): Dolphins 27, Titans 24

It will be difficult, and don’t trust Ryan Tannehill when he says he only focuses on looking ahead. As much as the former Dolphins QB hated to win every week, he would love to beat the team that abandoned him – before he hit Tennessee. The Dolphin Guard will be loaded. If Miami manages to get even a little spark of the game to ease the pressure on Tua Tagovailoa a bit, the Dolphins can extend their winning streak to eight and maintain their playoff hopes.

Keven Lerner, Assistant Sports Editor (Season Record: 9-6): Titans 24, Dolphins 20

Ryan Tannehill, who was selected by the Dolphins in 2012, is ready to take revenge on the team that sold him to Tennessee in 2019. Since then, Tannehill has 13 best wins in NFL games. He has also been sacked 45 times this season, finishing second in the league. While the Dolphins lead the NFL with 45 sacks, including 33 in their last seven games, Titans coach Mike Vrabel will devise a plan to slow Miami’s rush. Tennessee could claim a second straight AFC South title and a third straight playoff spot with a win.

Steve Svekis, Assistant Sports Editor (Season Record: 9-6): Titans 20, Dolphins 12

The Dolphins will face the elements and the Titans’ physical team, which boasts a quarterback Ryan Tannehill who, even with his flaws, surpasses any quarterback the Dolphins have faced in nearly two months. Offensive Dolphins averaged just 18.5 points per game this year, and only 14.1 points per game against teams with record wins. The forecast is a maximum of 35 degrees with winds up to 18 miles per hour.


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