Don Martin Predicts Groundhog Day Massacre of right-wing extremists.

Born August 24, 2020 ፡ died dead February 2, 2022.

Erin Otoley’s 526-day epidemic has been overthrown by a landslide victory in a landslide victory in a landslide victory.

For one campaign leader, it was a surprisingly brutal end, and the death penalty was surprisingly short for a true blue conservative leader, who was passed by two-thirds of parliament in a short period of time.

Justin Trudeau, who has now beaten three Conservative leaders, should be gladly delaying any retirement plans and trying to figure out how to force an election next year.

Much of the liberal government’s conservative government is waiting for the party to move to the right and win.

But perhaps the conservatives have a brighter cover for the dark cloud.

If the Liberals have another chance to engineer another election in the next year or two, public opposition will have time to regroup and restart under a new administration.

And that manager could be Pierre Powell, an Ottawa member of parliament.

Interestingly, Poliver, who was the mastermind behind the Ottole attack, was once a staff member of Stoke Day and insulted the columnists (especially me) during the day he took care of them in 2001.

He is now a veteran member of parliament, quick-witted, committed to strong policy areas and working hard to build relationships within the party. As a Member of Parliament, I can attest to the fact that he is a Member of Parliament for a very good constituency.

The problem is that good temporary opposition leader Trudeau is suffering, but Polyever wants only the biggest prize. And unless you have a very good ability, there will be a lot of national sales on the next ballot.

The 42-year-old’s policies are tilted to the right and his nose swinging should soften to clear the image. It was a mistake to join an anti-dump truck convoy. And his sympathy for the conservatives gives the Liberals a lot of fears.

But no matter who wins, the next leader will face the Helluva test by uniting a very fragmented party.

The need to be more “conservative” may be the razor blade of Planck Otole, but if the goal is to win an election on the battlefield of Ontario, it is the wrong answer.

And remember, whoever inherits the “reward” of leadership will not benefit from leading a party that is ready to come to power. He or she will lead a cabinet that has been overthrown by opposition figures.

It is still not an impossible task to return to under new leadership.

If the party is able to break free from social norms; Preaching budget discipline to the government at the expense of escape; Unlike the liberals engaged in the emerging government, they focus on developing policies; And with a faithful face that can list all the nouns and verbs directly into sentences, he wins, especially if the outdated Trudo runs again.

So if a new leader is needed, now is the best time to restart.

And while Othello has more to do with Cancun’s lifeguard, he has left a lesson for future leaders.

He realized that the true blue-collar policy he pursued to win the presidency was incompatible with winning a general election.

It is a shame that the leadership promised to meet with the chief of police, who killed him by not announcing the changes to the wind-blown MPs in the bustle of carbon tax and gun exchange.

But everyone who follows Othel still has to go the same way.

Canada needs strong opposition to this proud, fearless, non-negotiable government.

But if the answer is to go further and harder to the right, if not the case of a third party, it will set up conservatives in the official opposition for a long time.

After beating Stoke Day, it took four years of leadership change and a tumultuous coalition to win the election.

Without an adult supervisor like Stephen Harper, conservatives today might face a choice.

How appropriate it would be if that recurrence happened again on Groundhog Day.

The main thing is…


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