Don’t miss the last super blue moon of August 2023

Don't miss the last super blue moon of August 2023

The astronomical phenomenon that allows a full moon to be seen while remaining closer to Earth is called a “super moon” or “super blue moon.” This is the ideal moment for fans and sky watchers to get out their telescopes and enjoy the show.

Because the moon’s orbit is not a perfect circle but an elliptical shape, perigee occurs. The moment when the moon reaches the closest point to our planet, which is about 363,396 kilometers away.

The opposite of perigee is apogee, when the Moon is 405,504 kilometers from Earth. It is the farthest point that has been recorded. And unlike the “supermoon,” if there is a full moon at the time of apogee, it is considered a “micromoon.”

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According to NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration of the USA), the moon can be seen up to 14% larger than “normal”; and 30% brighter. This is compared to a so-called “micro moon”.

The testimonials collected by the portal ABC from Australia found that “a 14 percent increase in the apparent size of something that can be covered with a fingernail on an outstretched arm doesn’t appear significantly larger,” NASA said.

The last “supermoon” in August will look 7% larger than usual.

When is the last “Supermoon” in August to be seen? The event takes place on August 31 at 09:35 Australian time; However, some experts suspect the best day for its sighting will be the night of August 30, according to the country’s Perth Observatory.

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How to see the “supermoon”? According to astronomers, it is enough to be in a clear area to see the phenomenon, and even to buy binoculars or a telescope to amaze the student with the craters of the moon.


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