Dopamine Dressing Is the Bright and Happy Fashion Trend We’ve All Been Craving for Spring

In this season, you will get to see a lot of colors in the shops.

CLEVELAND—Forget those silent voices; This spring, wear rainbow.

You’re going to see a lot of color in stores this spring, says 3News Style Contributor Hallie Abrams.

“They’re calling it ‘dopamine dressing’ because the idea is that, after all of us in the last 24 months, everyone is up for a shot of the happy hormone,” Abrams said. “Dressing in color really does this.”

But if you’re worried about moving away from black, white, and gray, Hailey’s has it covered—no matter the occasion or your color comfort zone.

“I always joke, ‘It’s like salsa: mild, medium, or spicy, and how comfortable are you? she explained.

First, Hallie showed off a bold, blue, asymmetrical dress.

“I like the idea of ​​a formal dress that isn’t black,” she said. “We made it a little more dopamine with rainbow earrings and a rainbow clutch, and if, again, that’s not in your comfort level, you can use a nude clutch. You can use a black clutch. If… you don’t need to go over the top. The dress works well on its own.”

Abrams says asymmetrical styles can be a versatile option for different ages and body types.

“You don’t feel like you’re showing too much skin,” she explained, “but it allows you to show off the legs and shoulders.”

This particular dress also had a tie-detail at the waist. So, how do you master that finishing touch?

“There are no hard and fast rules [to how you tie it],” Hailey said. “I personally like it on the sidelines. it’s like a balance [the asymmetry of the dress] And, generally speaking, being off to the side is usually more attractive.

Next, Hallie says floral prints are an easy way to dip your toe into the trend.

“It’s a little less bold, but the orange pops, so it works really well, and I love the idea of ​​pairing this rubber bag in orange with it,” she described. “You can wear it to the beach and you can even pair it with a clutch and wear it to a wedding.”

Hailey paired both the looks with nude shoes. She says it’s a flattering, fail-safe option for balancing any level of bright. Just be sure to choose a match for your skin tone.

“In the same way that there are all different socks, we all come in different colors,” she said, “so it’s great to try to find a really good match for your skin tone.”

Another great way to see the present? Adding color to the oversized power suiting trend.

“You can go for a daring shoulder without a totally work girl [like] Melanie Griffith, where it looks professional and you can separate the pieces,” Abrams told us. “The best thing about a suit is that she can pair this jacket with a short floral skirt or a pair of black pants. Can wear over the top and that would be great. Pants alone would be great with a little sweater… and that’s how you get three outfits in one.”

Hallie says that sticking with suits in one color creates a long, lean line—and can actually feel less bold than mixing colors. But if you think you’re being bold in a small way, try an accessory.

“A purse, a shoe, a necklace, an earring,” she listed. “It’s a great way where you can wear other things you’re comfortable with and then incorporate that little bit of color.”

So don’t hesitate to be bold; There’s a way for everyone to brighten up their spring.

“I’m a big believer in what lights you up… and tuning in to the kind of inner voice that draws you in and is attracted is the first place to start,” Haley said. “Be honest about your confidence. When you put it on, how do you feel? And if it seems like too much, lower it a little.”


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