Dressmaker and Nanny at the Court of Elizabeth II

Dressmaker and Nanny at the Court of Elizabeth II

Palencia’s ties with the long reign of Elizabeth II, who died last Thursday, are represented, on one hand, by Teresa Pacios, now retired, who was in charge – for 22 of the more than 55 years She has been in London—as a dressmaker—to test dresses designed by Emperor Carl Ludwig. The second woman directly attached to the British Royal House is Maria Teresa Turian, now 51 years old, who cared for the son of the British Prince, William, Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, and as of early 2014, third in succession to Elizabeth II. Stay on was a child.

In the case of Teresa Pacios Rivera, recognition for her direct work for the Queen was received from her hands on 23 February 2017, an unforgettable day for her work and service at the Royal Faces to be awarded the Royal Victorian Medal. A silver medal established in April 1896 as a reward for personal service to the sovereign or royal family and as a mark of honour. The medal, presented at a ceremony at Buckingham Palace, is awarded to civilians and non-commissioned soldiers. It is spherical, 28 mm. In diameter and on the obverse is an effigy of Elizabeth II, around the inscription Elizabeth II dei Gratia Regina fd. The reverse depicts a cypherial surrounded by a wreath or ribbon and laurel leaves.

In Dario Palantino’s statement during a visit to the capital on July 12, 2017, she was “very happy” with the years in service of Elizabeth II and remarked that although “she has her views, she allows herself to be counseled”. Similarly, he reported that, with his puppies, when trying on different clothes, “he has a lot of patience”, while describing the emperor as “a very simple, nice, not demanding and very nice person”. described as female. “At home I have a mannequin of his size, so when I went to the Palace, one test was enough,” he told this newspaper.

Dressmaker and Nanny at the Court of Elizabeth IIDressmaker and Nanny at the Court of Elizabeth IIHe also remembered the Queen’s gestures such as the details she sent him for Christmas and that her son keeps cards with them. In addition, as a result of the decoration, she pointed to the trouble she experienced at her granddaughter’s school, where she was invited to tell about her experience.

Yesterday, in statements to Radio Nacional de Espaa’s program A Media Celana, he said that in 22 years he made Isabel II “many suits, jackets and coats but never pants and always premier clothing.” In return, he told that he did not stop having a certain relationship with her. “He sent me a gift every year for Christmas and I thanked him,” he concluded.

younger sister. The second case of ties with the British Royal House is that of Maria Teresa Turion Borrallo, who is 51 years old today. British magazine Hello! in February 2014. Published that Prince George’s maternal grandmother was Spanish. In this regard, Kensington Palace issued a statement with information about the man who was in charge of the care of the eldest son of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, third in the line of succession to the British crown. “He’s from a famous Palencia family, a big family,” added El Mundo’s other chronicler. Indeed, a few years ago in the official gazette of the province it appears that, at the beginning of the last decade, his brother Louis was ordained a deacon in the cathedral.

Dressmaker and Nanny at the Court of Elizabeth IIDressmaker and Nanny at the Court of Elizabeth IIPalentina traveled to Australia and New Zealand with the Duke of Cambridge, William and Catherine, and the child. “Maria is a full-time nanny who recently started working with us,” the palace source told the confidentiality report in 2014 as the case required, adding that they were “happy” with their employee.