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Tuesday, March 9, 2021

Drone attack on trump can happen !, Iran is burning in the fire of revenge.

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During the four-year tenure of Donald Trump between America and America, there was a lot of conflict. At the behest of Trump, the two countries were on the verge of war after the assassination of Iran’s top commander Qassem Soleimani in a drone attack. Meanwhile, Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei’s Twitter account on Friday shared a picture of a golfer looking like former President Donald Trump, who is being targeted through a drone. Also vowed to avenge the assassination of Iranian General Suleimani, killed in the US drone attack.

According to Reuters news, this post made on Twitter was repeated in December by Khamenei’s statement that ‘revenge is sure’. The post is believed to have threatened Iran before the first anniversary of the assassination of top military commander General Qasim Sulemani. Earlier, in a tweet made on December 16 by Khamenei without naming Trump, those who ordered Sulemani’s murder, as well as those who carried out it, would be punished. This revenge will definitely be taken at the right time.

Khamenei has described the American vaccine as unreliable

Earlier this month, Twitter deleted a tweet from Khamenei stating that the American and British-made vaccines were unreliable and may have been produced with the intention of infecting other countries. Twitter said that the tweet violated the company rules against wrong information. However, no clear immediate action has been taken by Twitter on the Persian-language tweet by Iran’s Supreme Leader Khamenei on Friday.

Tension increased after US exit from nuclear deal

Tensions between Tehran and Washington had been on the rise since 2018, when Trump trumped the US in 2015 from a nuclear deal signed between Iran and the world’s six major powers. After this, Washington started banning Tehran, due to which the country’s economy has been badly affected. At the same time, the new US President Joe Biden has said that if Iran strictly follows the rules, then Washington will once again join the agreement.

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