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Earth will be at its closest point to the Sun

Sun Earth Perihelion
Our planet is now on the subsolar.

Earth is located this Wednesday, January 4 perihelionthat is, Closer to the Sun than at any other time during the whole of 2023 , It also means that our planet has reached its peak today Maximum speed: 110 thousand 700 kilometer per hour.

According to the California Academy of Sciences in the United States, this event usually occurs about two weeks after the winter solstice.

How far is Earth from the Sun on this January 4th?

during this January 4 the earth is located approximately 147 million kilometers5 million kilometers less than normal, which represents 3% of its average distance.

  • According to the page’s data, in Mexico City, perihelion will occur at 10:17 a.m. time and date,

Is it hot during subsolar?

But if Earth is closest to the Sun in January, why isn’t the weather warmer? According to the California Academy of Sciences, the difference in distance is so small that it is impossible for it to affect the weather.

Upsaur and Upsaurwhat do they mean

The Earth does not revolve around the Sun in a perfect circle, but in an ellipse. it An elliptical orbit means that our planet moves closer to the Sun during some parts of the year and further away during others.

  • in his perihelionEarth is closest to the Sun and this happens about two weeks after the Sun. december solstice, When it is farthest from the Sun, or at its apogee, it occurs about two weeks after the Sun. june solstice,

However, this marriage Solstice and Upsaur are just a coincidence, Solstice refers to the Earth’s tilt toward the Sun, while perihelion refers to the physical distance between them.

words perihelion why Star comes from ancient Greek, where “peri” means to seekwhile “Of” away and refers to Helios means sun, They are used in astronomy to refer to the nearest and farthest points in the orbits of any objects that move around the Sun.

class size changes

The shape of this path varies due to gravitational influence from other planetary objects, especially the Moon. About every 100,000 years, Earth’s orbital path changes from nearly circular to elliptical. The difference between the orbital shape of the earth and that of a perfect circle is known as obsession ,

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