Easy to care for and maintain: the cutest climbing plants with flowers to have in your home


Las plants Climbing plants is characterized by the use of decorating large spaces in a home, because it is good for adding a green touch to spaces, especially walls and balconies. For this reason, they are the most sought after by decoration experts, because there is not much work to take care of them.

In addition, it is not necessary to have a lot of knowledge in the world of gardening to have one at home. If you don’t want to use one to decorate a wall, there is a simple way to put it in a pot and attach it to a space inside the house, because some are known for their colorful flowers that they develop at certain times. of the year.

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Las plants Flowering climbers are good for the house.

The passion flower has a combination of colors in its flower.

Passion flower

The plant can be kept in a pot, as long as it is near the sun. In order for it to grow without problems, you need to put a stick in the ground and make sure that it bends around it, so that it grows tall. This species attracts attention because of its colorful flowers, which combine tones such as white, purple and yellow.

The poet’s eye has very clear tones.

poet’s eye

This vine is slower, but it needs to be kept pruned so that it grows its flowers, which are orange in tone with a black center. Due to its intense color, it is ideal for decorating spaces with elements of neutral tones.

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Dipladenia can be obtained in different colors.


Dipladenia not only grows as a vine, but it also appears wide due to the size of its leaves, so it gives an effect of abundance. Its flowers come in a variety of colors, including white and pink.


This plant is known for its different colors.


It can also grow well with the help of a tall element that serves as a support and it succeeds to a great extent. Its flower is purple, but it occurs only in the lower part of the plant, so it makes a great contrast to the green of the leaves above.

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