Eat, get up and go: the entrepreneur wants to end waiting for bills in restaurants | technology

 Eat, get up and go: the entrepreneur wants to end waiting for bills in restaurants |  technology

Going to a restaurant and waiting long minutes for the bill after eating can be annoying. And, for the founder of a popular restaurant chain in the United States, this is also unnecessary, and an experience that should be left in the past.

Danny Meyer, who created Shake Shack – a fast-food chain in the USA – and still has several restaurants throughout New York, said that he is working on technological solutions that allow restaurant customers to get up and leave after eating. The payment will be made without delay through an app, as is already the case with car transport apps.

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“We need to allow customers to pay without waiting for an employee to pay, and just leave when they want,” Meyer said at one of the panels at Tech Week 2023, an event held by IBM and Mansueto Ventures in New York.

According to him, the technology team of the holding company of his companies is working on something like this, and is “closer” to the arrival of a model that it intends to present to the public, as reported in New York Post.

The technology could be an evolution of something that became popular during the pandemic: the use of QR codes to access virtual menus and, in some cases, pay bills. However, many restaurants that used this feature have since abandoned it because they found the technology “too tied down”, according to Ben Leventhal, co-founder and former CEO of Resy, a restaurant reservation app which was consulted on NY Post.

Another industry executive, Eric Seymour, vice president of Australian startup me&u — whose QR code-based ordering and payment application has reached nearly 200 restaurants in the US — sees the service improving, but points out that it’s not suitable for any type of restaurant. In the most refined, for example, people expect personalized services and special attention – something that only people can improve.

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But Leventhal is betting there will be some evolution for restaurant payment systems. He himself says that he is working on one, which will be a modern version of the “house account” – the account that loyal customers keep in restaurants and cafes to place their orders without’ y delay and pay all at once after the time. month. “There are app-based solutions that don’t require a QR code,” he said.