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Eating a lot of pain is good for your eyesight and 4 other myths about eye health to dispel

Sunday, March 5, 2023, 5:51 p.m

There are many myths about health and how to improve it, which are sometimes harmful. These beliefs are passed down from generation to generation, often without medical or scientific explanation. In the health of the eyes, there are many benefits or recommendations that are false and do not follow sense. To put an end to its expansion, the Organization of Consumers and Users (OCU) disproved 5 very popular myths about the view that you should dispel.

There are practices like taking showers with contact lenses, which few know about its harmful consequences, and then there are others that are considered dangerous without any evidence.

Eating a lot of pain is really good for your eyes.

What a recommendation that once and what you will have is false. It is true that pain itself contains vitamin A, which is good for the health of the eyes. However, the OCU indicates that the minimum intake is sufficient, which is already maintained with a normal diet, and it is believed that the more you eat, the better your vision or avoid having glasses. The organization indicates that taking more vitamin A than we need does not provide any additional benefit, and in fact, its excessive intake is harmful. Also, eating carrots in large amounts could lead to carotenase, the type that turns the skin color orange.

To read the dark light picks up the vision

Young people, who are studying so late at night with the light on the lamp, have heard how their parents are reading in the dim light. Although difficult to read and uncomfortable, the story is old because it does not spoil the view. You will have the feeling that it is difficult for you to focus and you will have less impact, which will turn into dryness and fatigue of the eyes. However, these are temporary effects that recover with rest and do not translate into permanent vision loss.

Sitting close to the TV is bad for your eyes.

Another widespread myth is that being too close to a TV, or too close to a computer or mobile screen, is bad for the eyes. Experts have not found that getting these screens too close to your eyes causes permanent vision problems, but it does cause temporary problems. Standing a long distance from the veil can have the consequences of inconveniences, and posterior problems due to poor posture, when we thus force our eyes to adjust the effort to accommodate the focal point and reduce blinking, which qu. can lead to visual fatigue, with a sense of emission or pain and dry eyes, but until the time of discomfort

You have to wait before operating the waterfall

The OCU explains that a few years ago, when cataract surgery began, it was true that the technicians had to wait for it to develop so that the crystalline lens could be safely extracted. Therefore, this story should start from the fact that the current technology and the progress you have suffered to work with the worst effects of this problem. You should not wait until you lose a significant part of your vision to see a doctor.

Blue light from screens damages the retina

Now, LED screens that emit blue light have invaded all spaces, because we are surrounded by a variety of devices. That lamp became a question after the publication of some studies which proved that it was harmful to the eyes. These experiments carried out in vitro with cells in culture and in animals suggested that blue light from these screens could cause retinal damage.

These claims caused users to buy filters in bulk. However, as the OCU points out, there is still no evidence that this damage occurs in humans exposed to blue light in real-world situations. The American Academy of Ophthalmology or the Spanish Ophthalmology Society ended up rejecting this idea.

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