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Eating Out of Hunger and Not Out of Worry: Learn From California-based Designer Sofia Richie

Concepts such as the “friendly diet” adopted by Sofia Richie, in which all types of food are consumed, or the philosophy of Ariadne Artiles, free of restrictions and with menus designed based on healthy alternatives to traditional dishes, they The premise is that you need to know how to listen to your body. The exact opposite occurs during an episode of emotional hunger, in which hunger does not respond to a real need, but manifests itself as an escape from problems such as stress, sadness, fatigue, boredom … to cure these impulses. As an aid in trying, experts recommend planning, mindful eating, and discovering factors that trigger anxiety processes.

Did you know that, according to statistics from the Ministry of Health, 6.7% of Spaniards suffer from an anxiety disorder? Experts warn that, on many occasions, they manifest through an increased dependence on food, which becomes a comfort tool to cope with emotional burdens. To help combat the problem, experts reveal the best tricks for avoiding compulsive behaviors and maintaining a healthy relationship with food.

1. Plan the Weekly Menu

The method of planning and preparing meals to be eaten throughout the week (usually on Sundays) is called batch cooking. In addition to saving money, because excessive shopping is avoided and you only take what is necessary, and time, you also ensure a healthy diet. “This will serve primarily to avoid thinking about what to cook every day and falling into easy: processed, frozen, fried, and unhealthy options. If you eat at home, you’ll have to spend extra time cooking. You won’t have to waste and if you do it at the office, you will also avoid choosing unhealthy ready-made options”, explain the experts in the field of nutrition at Club Metropolitan.

2. Practicing ‘mindful eating’

Eating with the five senses is another great ally against emotional hunger, as endorsed by Miguel Navarro and Ana Montes, CEO and clinic director of Salud Feroz, respectively: “It means paying attention to the food you eat, each Take the bite and enjoy the process of eating. It also helps to be aware of physical hunger and satiety cues, which can prevent overeating. Mindful eating also helps you control the amount of food you eat. This can be put into practice by “chewing the food a certain number of times, stopping when you’re satisfied, or avoiding distractions,” explain experts at the Online School of Food, Training & Emotional Wellbeing.

3. Pay Full Attention

From Salud Firoz, In addition to mindful eating, he also recommends that we pay attention to the present moment without judgment: “It helps reduce anxiety, as it allows us to recognize thoughts and feelings without reacting.” and allows acceptance. Experts say you can “recognize thought and behavior patterns and, over time, change them to stop worrying about eating.” For example? Through exercises such as yoga, meditation, breathing and even “daily activities such as washing dishes, walking or taking a bath”.

4. Avoid Sanctions

how poorly they do when it comes to maintaining an ideal weight – the moment “forbidden foods” are consumed again, the dreaded “rebound effect” begins – restrictions produce a fixation, That’s why they can’t. When emotional hunger appears is it diffused. The key lies in following the advice we learn from childhood to eat everything, although as far as possible in reasonable portions, through fresh foods and those made from ultra-processed, fried or added sugars. Avoid eating

5. Drink water

According to Dr. María José Crispin, nutritionist at Clínica Menorca, you should drink about two liters of water a day, a recommendation that is also shared by the WHO (World Health Organization) and varies depending on lifestyle and other factors. but varies. As an alternative, the doctors recommend “refreshments, but never soft drinks or juices. We can also alternate with a glass of sparkling water, without exceeding 500 cc per day.” In addition, he says that “infusions can help us relax (linden blossom, passion flower, valerian, chamomile) if changing habits causes us anxiety; and mid-morning, green tea, matcha tea, rosemary.” , to activate us in guarana, ginger or horsetail”.

Club Metropolitan’s nutritionist also declares herself a fan of herbal teas: “While there is no substitute for water, as nothing hydrates more than pure and hard water, the truth is that there are other ways we can hydrate themselves, even if they do it to a lesser extent, they still do it and it helps”. In addition, they highlight its properties when purifying the body: “One of the most famous for combating fluid retention is green tea, since its active ingredients promote diuresis, helping to flush out accumulated toxins. help, thus reducing swelling and fluid retention.

6. Eat anti-stress foods

Experts warn that living in a constant state of nervousness affects our emotional and physical balance. “There are few vitamins and minerals that have the ability to improve our mood and enhance the best physical version of us, thanks to its antioxidant effects and the precursor nutrients to serotonin, the hormone of happiness,” Salina Saenz, pharmacist, dietitian -says nutritionist and founder of Naturae. nutrition. This anti-stress menu includes blueberries, citrus fruits, pure cocoa, fermented foods, artichokes, eggs, oily fish or green leafy vegetables.

7. Seek Support

From Salud Firoz, he recommends seeking outside help in cases that require the experience of a professional: “Talking with a therapist or close friend is beneficial for processing emotions and dealing with anxiety without resorting to binge eating.” It’s a way to manage. Plus, it can help you live less isolated and more connected to others.”

8. Play Games

Finally, staying active is essential when it comes to keeping anxiety at bay, as dopamine and serotonin are released, two hormones linked to feelings of well-being and relaxation. Getting enough sleep also serves as a great anti-stress ally, although experts caution that in order to sleep well, you should avoid exercising before going to bed.

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