Economist Gonzalo Bernardos simple advice for getting cheap mortgages: Don’t go to the bank

Economist Gonzalo Bernardos simple advice for getting cheap mortgages: Don't go to the bank

Certainly, the mortgage is the greatest loan in a person’s life. And as such it is a complex, complicated decision and process that requires a lot of attention and a lot of comparisons to get the best possible terms, both in terms of years and installments.

The bonuses, the interest rate, whether it is fixed, variable or mixed, the amortization clauses, commissions and other details must be carefully studied in mortgage futures in order not to be surprised, and especially because there can be thousands of euros in play . It’s not an easy decision.

When taking out a mortgage, comparison portals on the Internet are the most frequently asked questions about which banks or credit institutions offer the best conditions, what bonuses there are and other details.

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Then the next step is to go banks or boxes and talk to these companies to get to know them first hand and benefit from personalized treatment.

Bernardo’s advice

This is exactly what the economist Gonzalo Bernardos does not recommend. According to the expert, the best thing you can do is to hire the services of one mortgage broker.

It is a professional or a company acting as such mediator between mortgage lenders and mortgage applicants. You are responsible for helping clients find the best mortgage loan options based on clients’ financial needs and individual circumstances.

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Mortgage brokers have one extensive knowledge They learn about the different mortgage products available in the market, including interest rates, terms, requirements and conditions, enabling them to advise clients on which option is best for them.


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