Ecuadorian banana exports reached 300.89 million boxes between January and October 2023, showing an increase of +7.09%

Ecuadorian banana exports reached 300.89 million boxes between January and October 2023, showing an increase of +7.09%

Between January and October of this year, Ecuador’s banana exports reached 300.89 million boxes, showing an increase of +7.09% compared to what was registered in the same period in 2022, reports the Banana Marketing and Export Association that year (Acorbanec).

He detailed that 29.12% of the total exported is for the European Union, which is positioned as the main market for Ecuadorian fruit; 21.09% to Russia; 14.99% to the Middle East; 9.15% to the United States, and 6.84% to the Southern Cone; 6.15% was exported to East Asia; 5.44% is exported to Africa; 2.99% is exported to Central Asia; 1.48% to Eastern Europe; 1.37% was exported to the United Kingdom; 0.94% to Oceania (New Zealand); 0.41% to EFTA (Norway); 0.003% in Canada; and 0.03% in other markets.

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The main increase in exports can be seen in the European Union with an increase of + 20.44%, Russia (+3.25%); also in the United States (+6.79%), United Kingdom (+18.10%), Africa (+24.28%), East Asia (+23.33%), Central Asia (+1.54%), and Oceania (+21.83%) . However, the decline can be seen in the Middle East (-6.23%), Southern Cone (-2.70%), Eastern Europe (-39.58%), EFTA (-11.54%), and Canada (-81.83%).

Even if we analyze the country’s banana exports, Russia is the country where most bananas are destined with a share of 21.09%, in second place is the United States with 9.15%; in third place, the Netherlands with 7.24%; in fourth place, Turkey with 5.15%: and, in fifth place, China with 4.35%

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It is interesting to consider the different dynamics observed between the countries of the largest bloc of banana imports in Ecuador, the European Union.

The biggest increase in fruit volume, in triple digits, was recorded in Estonia (+199.45%), France (+173.90%), Poland (+158.86%), Cyprus (+129.49%) and Finland (+109.45%). ; while Denmark and Spain registered the greatest decrease in imports during the period (-78.38% and -50.44%, respectively).

It should be seen that the largest importers of the EU-27 increased their purchases of fruit, in most cases significantly. The Netherlands, with a 24.88% share of the European market during this period, increased its purchases by 11.42%; Germany, with a share of 14.06%, increased its imports by 32.91%; Italy, with a community market share of 11.52%, grew by 12.75%, and Greece, with a 10.18% share, bought 36.80% more bananas from Ecuador year-on-year this year until October.

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