Edemar goalkeeper Alvaro Perez won the Junior World Cup with Spain

Edemar goalkeeper Alvaro Perez won the Junior World Cup with Spain

Young Hispanics are gold. The Spanish youth men’s handball team was declared world champion for the first time in its history this Sunday, defeating Denmark in the final (28:23, 13:14 at halftime) to bring our country the biggest ever intercontinental title. Spain has reached the final twice so far. In 2011, they lost in the final against Denmark, while in 2017 they lost against France. Six years after that setback, this golden generation of Spanish handball, which was declared European champion last year in Montenegro, has shown that it is made of a different material and, under the leadership of Javier Fernández, ‘Jabato’, it has History has achieved its destination.

Perez in the ideal team

Álvaro Pérez, Ademar León’s starting goalkeeper and player, has been one of the strong pillars of this team. His defenses have been crucial in securing the title and he has been selected in the ideal team of the competition.

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Ademar’s goalkeeper Álvaro Pérez was selected in the Youth World Cup’s ideal team.

Our confusion in declaring ourselves world champions was evident from the very beginning. The Hispanic youth entered the game with confidence and focus. What’s more, in the opening round he had to make a score above 4:0. However the income would be real, as Denmark woke up and managed to get into the game. After a quarter of an hour’s play, the forces were largely equal and this was reflected in the score, which was tied at eight apiece. And at the end of the first half the situation remained the same and at 13:14 the result was in favor of Denmark.

Great comeback

Hispanic youths had to line up. And on that basis they went into the second half, in which our team defended and attacked brilliantly, although they lacked some efficiency towards the end. But Spain wanted gold. With Alejandro Pisonero and Ferran Castillo leading the team from the bottom, the brothers Petar and Georgede Cicusa in steamroller mode, with Iosu Arzos as a wall in defense and Javier Gonzalez and Victor Romero contributing a lot in attack, our team has Ten minutes into the second act, Light returned to take the lead, 18:17. An advantage, which would reach shortly after, at 21:18, but it would neutralize the Danish team a little later and again put the table on the scoreboard. Emotion was maximum.

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Ademar goalkeeper, a wall

The tension in the atmosphere was clearly visible in the last round. Spain took the lead again, 26:23, thanks to two consecutive strikes from the Navarrese ‘tandem’ composed of Iosu Arázos and Javier González, and a third from Pisonero, who has shone in the World Cup. In defence, the Secusa brothers and Arzos himself turned off the lights for the Dane and, when they could not do so, goalkeeper Álvaro Pérez was put in charge of doing so, an extravaganza for another day.

The final three minutes crept in, with those three goals for Spain. It was time to avoid everything. Because the Hispanic youth was one step away from becoming world champion for the first time in its history. And they were an insurmountable wall, insurmountable for Denmark, who was left without hope after two consecutive goals from Ferran Castillo in the last breath, ending the game with 28:23 for some Hispanic youth who is present and Spanish is the future of sports.

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