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Eder Mendoza claims a culture of work and effort as the formula for creating wealth and maintaining a level of well-being

The EAJ-PNV candidate for Deputy General of Gipuzkoa, Eider Mendoza, has affirmed the culture of work and effort as a formula for generating wealth and maintaining the level of welfare in the Basque Country and Gipuzkoa. “Only work well done, only working with responsibility and commitment will lead us to progress. We know how to do it, in this country we know how to do it, in EAJ-PNV we know how to do it”, he said. Mendoza recalled that “industrial Eibars of the past were able to do it. previous generations did, and we will know how to do the same”. “We carry a culture of work and effort in our DNA, and by preserving and promoting these values We will protect our future and the future generations”, he highlighted.

Mendoza attended a meeting in Eibar this afternoon, in which EBB President Andoni Ortuzar; Lehendkari, Inigo Urkullu; and Josué Mendicute, candidate for mayor of Eibar. The candidate for deputy general has mentioned economic issues and launched a message in favor of caring for and protecting the economic fabric. “Working people, entrepreneurs, self-employed… they are a treasure socially that should be valued and respected. In EAJ-PNV we have always been clear about all this, but unfortunately not all political options in this country have the same approach”, he explained.

Thus, he has criticized that the proposal put forward by the nationalist in economic matters “lacks any specificity.” He said, “People who have dedicated themselves to others decade after decade are now trying to teach how to organize the economy. But how do they want to set up industry without relying on businessmen? How, boost taxation against companies? Clipping the wings of innovation?” he asked. “They want to reap the harvest without sowing or watering the land. They believe that we are all rich, and that wealth comes to us from heaven. They have no economic model They have no direction,” criticized the Jeltzale candidate.

On the contrary, he has presented that the first objective in the program presented by EAJ-PNV in Gipuzkoa is to build a strong and competitive economy. “One objective, five priority areas, 15 sub-lines, about 100 specific measures and 11 strategic projects that will be the basis of our economy of the future and, moreover, are already underway”, he highlighted. “We have a clear roadmap: Build a solid and competitive economy, as it is necessary to support the economy of families and influence the creation of quality jobs. First we create and then we distribute. But first , build and we, from institutions, help in that process”, he insisted. To do this, he said, it is necessary to maintain the values ​​around work that the Basque Country and Gipuzkoa had in the past, “but Always keeping an eye on the future.” Because we know that what is at stake is the good of this country, of us and of our daughters and sons. And we are non-conformists, we are ready to accept the discourse of those Not those who say that new generations will live in a worse world”, he defended.

Andoni ortuzar

The president of Euzkadi Buru Batzar, Andoni Ortuzar, has closed the event in Eibar this afternoon with a very clear message for Gipuzkoan citizens. “We still remember what happened in 2011: garbage, imposition, financial disaster or management disaster …”. The Jeltzel leader was referring to the legislature in which EH Bildu governed Gipuzkoa (2011–2025). According to Ortúzar, some want to go back to 2015 so that “Gipuzkoa goes back and Eibar goes down a category, but we cannot allow that.” In this sense, the Ebertzell leader “warns against the leftist Basque-Spanish Entente that creates Bildu and Podemos, and which is using lies to achieve its noble objective and telling the public milonga, which To evict is to convert PNV and Gipuzkoa into a laboratory where they can do their experiments. But experiments, with soda and not with the good of the people”.

Finally, Ortuzar warns about what happened in the previous legislature in Eibar, where the PSE, “instead of trying to govern with us, preferred Bildu to close the budget” because of Burukide Jeltzel’s According to may, the socialists tried to extend this strategy to other parts of Gipuzkoa. “Everyone knows where they are and where they want to be, but the gift of ubiquity doesn’t exist in politics. You can’t be in two places at the same time. Blowing and humming can’t be everything”, he warned. given.


For his part, Lehendkari stressed that “of the 343 million euros from the European Fund for improving tunnels on the highway network, zero euros have arrived in the Basque Country”. And he added that “the Basque government is going to claim what suits us” by supporting our provincial councils and also relying on the Basque grouping in Madrid.

Finally, Urkullu recalled that the EAJ-PNV model “is based on solid pillars: education, research, innovation and industry” and that “Eber, Gipuzkoa and the Basque Country are examples of the application of these pillars. On a solid industrial base established, the result of entrepreneurship, investment and ambition and based on educational, scientific, technical and professional capabilities”.

joshua mendicut

Finally, Josu Mendicut, the Zeltzel candidate for Eibar mayor, has outlined the view that Eibar should “regain its charm”. “The time has come to address old problems and implement new recipes to meet the challenges of the future. Reclaiming charm means stitching the city together from end to end, where all neighborhoods form a single whole . This means developing industrial land so that companies born in Eibar can grow in Eibar. And thus, recover the purchasing power of families as the best means of promoting social cohesion and trade”, he Cast light on.

In the Zeltzel candidate’s opinion, “fixing the charm” means planting trees, taking care of gardens, working for security, cleaning streets better, and keeping street furniture well maintained. “It means services closer to home, such as shops and car parks. It means restoring prominence to the people and to the city, a city we are so proud of. Regaining attractiveness is an Eber Guzzi,” he said. Synonymous with Ibartara, one who overcomes past memories to build the future.

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