Climate agenda hurts Biden, strengthens Trump


Consumers are not happy, no matter how much President Joe Biden tells them things are good. That’s because he continues to cause energy shortages, most recently by announcing sweeping new EPA regulations on methane emissions from oil and gas operations.

A Wall Street Journal poll released Saturday showed Biden’s approval rating at 37%. It had former President Donald Trump winning a head-to-head race against Biden 47% to 43%. Trump’s margin grew to six when Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., and other independent candidates were accounted for.

These numbers, like those found in other polls, are not about the personalities of Biden and Trump. Voters don’t really like the behavior of either candidate. Biden could not find his thoughts, words, or his exit from the stage. Trump lacks any semblance of the mature statesmanship that Americans have come to expect from the White House.

These two unpopular candidates could force a focus on policy over personality. That’s bad for Biden because his policies have failed. The foreign press is not talking about 2024.

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“Trump predicted to win election as Biden’s approval rating hits new low,” said Sunday’s headline in The Telegraph, in London.

Biden’s irresponsible aggression on domestic energy means trouble for him and down-ballot Democrats. Even if Biden gets the economy roaring ahead of November, it won’t help him if it doesn’t help middle- and low-income households.

“Energy costs are an important part of consumer spending,” explained economist Cullen Hendrix, a senior fellow at the Peterson Institute for Global Economics.

Doubling, tripling, or quadrupling the costs of oil, gas, and electricity has caused outrage and discomfort — mostly — among Colorado’s upper-class activists. At least for now.

For consumers living in the lower half of the median income, rising costs pose an immediate threat of evictions, foreclosures, and empty shelves — tragedies that wreak havoc on families. For oil, gas, and coal workers this means chaos for life as they know it.

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The rich will feel it too, because the consequences will end up with them. People who can’t reach a tank of gas until payday don’t show up to work to create wealth. They produce and buy very little of the goods and services that feed upper- and middle-class incomes and investments.

The average voter doesn’t analyze energy policy, but they feel it. They know that “drill baby, drill” and “all of the above” make life easier than “zero emissions by 2050.”

Biden began his energy battle during his inaugural address by blocking the Keystone XL pipeline. That alone amounts to up to 79,000 jobs that will help more asylum seekers cross Biden’s open border.

Under Biden, inflation has risen to 17.7% on average across the country. That’s because every good, service, and product needs traditional energy – and that won’t end in this century. Rising oil and gas prices cause scarcity and directly increase the cost of food, shelter, clothing, and most other needs and wants.

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Comfortable environmental activists (like Biden) expect average consumers to accept the sacrifice – for climate control – while China builds a new coal plant every week and undermines the cause.

Despite growing difficulty over the left’s anti-energy agenda, Biden’s Environmental Protection Agency recently released 1,690 pages of new rules regarding methane emissions from oil and gas operations. This will benefit foreign producers who do not have to comply. This will discourage local production and further increase the cost of everything.

This means more suffering for consumers. This means an increasing reliance on cheap foreign energy produced without regard to climate change. This means more of the same is lowering Biden’s numbers.