Edwards launches USA against Greece and sends grave warning to World Cup

Edwards launches USA against Greece and sends grave warning to World Cup

The US continues to test and their status as favorites for gold at the World Cup is growing by the day. After his good performance in the Malaga tournament with wins against Slovenia and Spain, the combined NBA They defeated Greece 86-108, who they will meet again in the second game of the first phase.

The team of steve kerr, who still has work to do to unite his people more, but who plays at a pace that few or no one can endure, overpowered Greece in the Abu Dhabi tournament where they will also face Germany, American litmus test, next Sunday. this way will complete the pre-season tour and he will have just a few more training sessions before making his debut against New Zealand.

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Before Greece Anthony Edwards, the favorite player for tournament MVP He got 21 points in the truest sense of the word. He had just scored 11 goals against Spain and was also at a high level against Puerto Rico and Slovenia, with very good shooting rates.

Greece saw a freight train coming their way in the first quarter, 19-32, at a pace that was unstoppable the American. The European team managed to get stronger in the second quarter and offered a similar intensity, with a team full of “workers” and very few stars. This is how Greece will play at the World Cup.

In the third quarter Edwards took control of the game with multiple actions and back-to-back triples that they attacked their selection to win again by 20 or more points. The game was stopped and decided in favor of the NBA team By the way, he sends a message to the rest of the World Cup teams: They are the favorites and want gold.

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In addition to the 21 Edwards In the USA, CameronJohnson these 13, Years Jackson and Austin Reaves they reached 11 and Bobby Portis and Michal Bridges signed 10. In Greece, Rogkavopoulos and Kalaitzakis they reached 12 and Papagiannis frustrated with the color, made 11.


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