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Thursday, May 6, 2021

Egg In Summer; Does eating egg in summer cause harm to health? Know the truth

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Eggs are rich in protein. Gym people especially include it in their diet. Most people like to eat eggs, people who do not eat non-veg, they also like to eat eggs. Proteins like egg, vitamin A, vitamin B5, folate, vitamin B12 etc. are found in plenty.

So at the same time some people believe that the egg should be consumed in the cold season, it is harmful in summer. Because its effect is hot. So let us tell you how much truth is there in this matter?

The egg flavor is definitely hot. But many research has revealed that 12 months of summer or winter egg is necessary for the body. It can be eaten in summer, but eating it in small amounts is beneficial. Excessively everything causes harm. The nutrients present in it are very important for the body. Eating eggs also reduces the risk of heart disease. Egg intake also makes bones strong.

Eating eggs keeps the stomach full for a long time and this helps in weight control. Egg also makes the immune system strong, egg is a source of plenty of energy. Egg consumption is also very beneficial for skin and hair.

When it comes to eating how many eggs a day, many people do not know how many eggs should be consumed. But people who are healthy, who do not have any side effects from eating eggs, can eat 3 eggs a day. By the way, no more than 1-2 eggs should be eaten in summer. This is because too much egg produces heat in the body, which can cause constipation or diarrhea. Along with this, there is a problem of diarrhea due to this in young children.


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