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Almería will go down in history as a city that provokes mixed feelings among Elche fans. 10 years ago, the Elche group touched the sky with a promotion to the First Division; this tuesday, the frangipani find their bones in the Second Division. The end of the slow agony that the Centennial season had long awaited had come.

The truth is that, at least in the first half, Elche’s Beccacece showed signs of courage and pride. Before reaching the first minute of the game, the visitors have already forced two corners. After that, Boyé was about to score with a flying goal in one of the various approaches in the Andalusian area. A mirage only weighs under the usual problems: the lack of success in both areas. Almería, in the first he had, sent him inside. In the 21st minute, Baptistao took advantage of a bad clearance in the Elche defense to beat Werner, the starter before the imminent paternity of Édgar Badia.

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The goal from Almeria did not sink an Elche who kept trying. He could have equalized with a Fidel goal that was disallowed because the ball crossed the end line in front of Tete Morente’s cross. A slowdown in the franjiverde reaction, which reached the break under the score without deserving it.

He started the second half with an offensive change: Beccacece brought on Collado for John to win in attack, although the strategy did not work for him. Rubi’s Almería stepped forward to take advantage of the gaps in the defense of a disorganized and limp Elche. Adrián Embarba, in the 51st minute, ended the sentence with a shot from inside the area after advancing several meters without opposition.

The franjiverde team showed a completely different face in the second half, a direct consequence of what had to take place just over 40 minutes later: the certification of relegation in the mathematics of categories. Ponce closed the gap in the final stretch with a header, and Tete Morente and Nteka had chances to equalize in added time, but the equalizer did not happen, although it would have been of little use. The announced reality fell with all its weight on the players, many of them in tears or with a sad expression.

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Elche is a Second Division team and it is time for Bragarnik and his board to focus their efforts on planning a season where returning to the First Division should be the main goal. On their side, Beccacece and his team keep the same mission: to save, at least, the pride and honor of a team that has disappointed locals and foreigners. The ball will roll again on May 14, at 4:15 pm, in Martínez Valero against Atlético de Madrid.

Data sheet

UD Almeria, 2: Fernando; Pozo (Portillo, min. 75), Ely, Babic, Centelles; Robertone (Samu Costa, min. 83), De la Hoz, Melero (Eguarás, min. 83); Embarba (Ramazani, min. 75), Baptistao (Chumi, min. 69) and Luis Suárez.
Elche CF, 1: Werner; Josan, Magellan, Clerk, White (Nico Fernandez, min. 76); Jan (Collado, min. 45), Gumbau, Fidel (Raul Guti, min. 67), Morente Body; Pere Milla (Sell, 67 min) and Lucas Boyé (Ponce, 67 min).
Goal: 1-0 Baptistao (min. 12); 2-0 Embarba (min. 51); 2-1 Ponce (min. 89)
Referee: Hernández Hernández (Canary Committee). He warned the locals of Ely and De la Hoz with a yellow card; and visitors John and Clerc.
Incidence: match corresponding to day 33 of the Santander League (Second Division), played at the Power Horse Stadium (Almería).

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