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Eight keys to burning belly fat

« Now that the Christmas parties and the gastronomic and alcoholic excesses are over, and we start the new year with new resolutions to make, one of the things that always arises as a wish at the beginning of the year is to lose weight. To do. And in particular, reducing abdominal fat because it is the most difficult to eliminate”, explains OKSALUD nutritionist from the Medical-Surgical Center for Digestive Diseases (CMED), Domingo Carrera Moran.

Experts say that to lose body fat you must:

  1. Eat a diet low in calories from sugar, saturated fat and complex carbohydrates.
  2. Follow a diet high in lean proteins, vegetables, not too sweet fruits and legumes.

Thus, if the total fat in the body is reduced, the belly fat will also reduce, but, in these body fat loss tips to reduce belly fat, we can add some measures or foods to reduce belly fat. Dr. Carrera also gives us these tips:

  1. exiled. We should exercise to help eliminate fat, but in the case of belly fat, we should focus on abdominal strength exercises. The general rule is to exercise at least 3 hours a week. Half of those 3 hours should be cardiovascular exercise (walking, running, cycling, elliptical, swimming); And the other half hour should be strength exercises with weights, machines, or our own body, but focusing on the upper, lower, and oblique abs.
  2. intermittent fasting. If we fast on solid foods lasting 12 to 16 hours per day, we can accelerate the reduction of belly fat. Liquids would be taken only during those hours of fasting. There is no doubt that if it is of 16 hours then it is more effective. But it is very important that the meals in the hours of intake are rich in low protein (chicken, turkey, fish, prawns), vegetables and legumes and very few complex carbohydrates (bread, rice, potatoes, pasta) without any saturated addition. Fats (pork, cow, lamb, full-fat dairy) or sugars (sweets).
  3. drink. Drinking green tea or green coffee helps in metabolizing fat in general and belly fat in particular more quickly. And this is due to the powerful anti-oxidants it contains and especially the catechins, chloroquine and xanthines present in both green coffee and green tea. And within green tea, one type with a lot of antioxidant power is matcha tea.
  4. salt and water. Layers of water get stored inside the belly fat. You should drink 2 liters of water daily, in addition to other fluids, to help eliminate fluid that normally accumulates between layers of fluid and fat. This will stimulate diarrhea. And we would also benefit from reducing the consumption of salt and seasonings, since this sodium chloride from salt is mainly responsible for the elimination of fluids.
  5. Fruit. Among the fruits that have been most involved in reducing belly fat are citrus fruits (oranges, lemons, grapefruit, tangerines) because they are high in vitamin C, which helps burn belly fat. . But bananas and apples will also help us, due to their potassium content; red fruits such as cherries, strawberries, raspberries, blueberries and blackberries for large amounts of antioxidants; avocado for its high omega 3 content and its satiety potential; Pineapple for its high water and potassium content.
  6. Spices. Extra virgin olive oil, apple cider vinegar, coconut oil, chili pepper and turmeric are seasonings that help activate fat metabolism and burn them faster, where omega 3 acids, capsaicin, curcumin, etc. intervene.
  7. Vegetables and other food items. Celery, tomatoes, green leafy vegetables, shellfish, oats, pure cocoa chocolate, yogurt, and nuts like almonds and walnuts help burn fat more easily due to the effects of calcium, potassium, omega 3 acids and antioxidants they contain.
  8. lymphatic drainage massage, This is a type of massage that does not work to eliminate contractions. It is trying, in a gentle way and with less pressure on the area of ​​abdominal fat, to mobilize water and drain it into the lymphatic space, which will reach the kidneys and convert it into urine that we will eliminate. It also helps separate the layers of fat so that it can be removed with less difficulty later.
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