El Negro Oro talks about the heartbreaking conversation he had with one of his sons that marked him forever

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black gonzalez gold He moved to live in Uruguay in mid-2020. Emotional, various family related issues added to the situation of the country, he did not hesitate and left. There he acquired a new lifestyle, much more sober, which allowed him to relax. However, he does not forget his anger, beyond all its roots.

In the last few hours, the journalist watched the program Happy Moms and touched on various topics. On one hand he talked about love. He said that since he . separated from five -Now they’re friends- He never fell in love again. “I don’t know if I could be in a couple today,” he remarked, “love is bullshit because it hurts you, it makes you feel anxious, it makes you insecure.”

The question began to enter a darker side and this prompted him to mention a situation that marked him forever. Theme who has got tattooed on his mind and decided to bring it to light. “I never told that,” began Black Gold, as if guessing what was going to be attached to one of his children.

The Black Gold with his two sons

“One day I was having dinner alone with Agustin” in Martinez. He was about 12 or 13 years old and he told me: ‘I don’t know if you’re the father I wanted.’ My response was that it was too good for him to consider these things, but I told him to ask himself if that was the son I wanted, so that we could agree.”The journalist said.

Of course, those phrases that were said, that speak in front and without hiding anything, mark not only one moment, but their whole life. “That phrase marked us both because I have the kids I wanted and they have the father they wanted”Question finished.


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