El Pelado Lopez Gets Benjamin Vicuna at the Chinese Game: The Hilarious Talk About the Most Unexpected Exchanges

El Pelado Lopez Gets Benjamin Vicuna at the Chinese Game: The Hilarious Talk About the Most Unexpected Exchanges

Driver had a funny chat with the Chilean actor in the first installment of the new Telefe program

A few minutes before 8 pm. Telefe popped up on the screen chinese gameThe event hosted by Guillermo Rind Lopez. He had as a guest in this first installment Benjamin Vicuna, and had a hilarious conversation on a variety of topics. With humor and collusion, they face each other in the final segment to show who has the best target from above.

The cycle began with a trivia game in the Belgrano neighborhood, which involved guessing how much a certain item cost. The driver talked to five people in the middle of a craft fair and invited them to participate. The items were a bag of gummies, an LED lamp and a cycling helmet. The next block was also on public streets, after a contestant was coveted as the winner of the first prize—a television.

Lopez chose a building and rang the bells of two neighbors, who agreed to compete from their balconies—this time the incentive was a purchase order from a supermarket chain—and each answered a few questions of general interest. It should be remembered that the name of the program is A nod to one of the games that Guillermo played in his role as Notero de Fall Who Falls (CQC)where he tried to put the tennis balls in a container located on the ground floor,

Laughing Benjamin Vicuna Answers All Guillermo El Pelado López's Questions
Laughing Benjamin Vicuna Answers All Guillermo El Pelado López’s Questions

Before testing the Chilean actor with a challenge in which he considers himself “an expert”, due to the skills accumulated through practice, he interviewed him and asked him what was behind the characters he played. How is the man He talked about football, WhatsApp stickers, the consequences of his passionate life, and the cultural differences between Benjamin’s native country and Argentine traditions. In this context, Lopez wanted to know: “When you were in Chile, was there a world of exchange already in your life?”,

“You know it or not? It must be said that this is the cultural heritage of the Sister Republic.”, replied Vicuna, after admitting that the shoes he was wearing were obtained using this method. And he elaborated: “Just out of joking, I believe the barter method is used in very few parts of the world., In a humorous tone, Driver went a step further to find out how often he goes on exchanges with certain brands. Amidst laughter and irony, the guest assured: “It’s a business action, and I don’t do it that much. I’d love to do more with my kids’ schools…,

When he faced the shooting game from above, Benjamin couldn't beat Vicuna Driver
When he faced the shooting game from above, Benjamin couldn’t beat Vicuna Driver

As to his style, Pelado replied: “And there is no admission in schools?”, while Blanca’s father—who died in 2012—joked: Bautista, Beltran, Benicio, Magnolia and Amancio: “I tried, but apparently they don’t think it’s very ethical”, Driver noted that they are children of known parents, noting that the mother of their first four children is Erdohain and Eugenia La China Suárez, the father of the two youngest children; and argued: “It’s a big marketing mistake on the part of schools, because you have divine children, all educated, where are they made?”,

Benjamin smiled again and said, “We’re not going to name him because you have to pay.” The dialogue ended with a list of exchanges that the actor can relate to in his life in a utopian way: “Supermarket, plane, ticket, social work”, When Guillermo promised them he would “request solidarity” and joked that it should be wholesale because they are a large blended family, the actor took it with humor and admitted: “We’re multiplying like gremlins, but good.”

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