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Election 2022 in Italy, Live | Participation reaches 51% at 7:00 pm, seven points lower than in previous elections

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Meloni and two melons: this is the level

By Inigo Dominguez. On the afternoon of the Italian election, a video of Giorgia Meloni surfaced and quickly went viral. A Spaniard might look at him astonished and think he is missing something, because it is unlikely, perhaps an idiomatic turn, an unknown political nuance. Well no, it’s exactly what it sounds like. As a bad joke, the curtain opens, Meloni appears with two melons at breast height, shows them to the camera and says: “September 25, and I’ve said everything.” “Melon” is “meloni” in Italian and, in the end, it’s asking for votes. The level for us to understand is like an aspiring prime minister telling a joke about a dog named Mystatus, but only on election day. And it’s interesting, that he thinks it’s funny, that it works, when in a normal world it looks like suicide.

Interestingly, in a meeting of his team, one of those stupid things that can be blurred out at the beginning of the talk and left with a laugh when you start talking seriously , passes all filters until it is considered, is not only a good idea, but until it is done.

As a message to the undecided, in a normal world, I repeat, it should be efficacious in many respects: it is automatically decided that this woman cannot represent Italy. But the key here is, that at worst, Meloni probably knows better than anyone, that it’s actually level, because it’s a risky move: either he’s sacrilegious or he’s crashed. If you don’t get the expected results, those two melons in the landslide, analysis can come out quite a bit. If not, it will be the last genius of the Day of the Great Victory, to laugh at everyone who is left.

There are so many levels of meaning in the video, and they’re all so sweet, at just six seconds, it’s enough to drive anyone crazy. The first and most obvious is that he is breaking the law, because a candidate cannot seek votes on election day. It’s the so-called election silence, and that’s exactly the other thing he gets annoyed at, because it’s a video in which he doesn’t say anything, he does it with a visual game. But the mockery of institutions and rules goes even further, playing a visual game with a sensual joke in which, at the end, he even blinks at the camera. It’s really a real call to the values ​​of tradition, especially Jamito’s films (they were Italian, they were called Pierino there), a cult of many generations and the most politically incorrect thing that could exist. This allows them to then dismiss the criticism as feminist nonsense, lack of humor, or even masculinity, who knows. In Brussels they will laugh a lot, you have to walk around with gestures of praise, if not then those elite bureaucrats are not tougher than the people by now.

The ultimate meaning of this micro-video is that it is a perfect metaphor for the political style of a leader who wields four ideas, a minimum level of understanding (God, Country, Family…) and, in fact, in . Lastly, she doesn’t even speak anymore, just makes few seconds of visual jokes on Tik Tok.

As Meloni is campaigning out in the open, who do you think this video might persuade to vote? to the youth? to the young? to adults? to adults? to all? Of course, if he wins, he knows the hidden variables we humans are unaware of and we still have a lot to see, learn and explore. In other words, the world is definitely no longer what we used to know. It’s just that it’s hard to believe, taking two melons, he comes out with two melons.

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