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Election 2023: With the end of the holidays, Chip walks together for change

The holidays are coming to an end and the beginning is starting to take shape all the time Campaign calendar. From necessary extensions to trying to win an official launch, going through internal feuding and federal breakdown. together for a change He would find a busy year, especially after the reappearance of Mauricio Macri to order up his mess or kick the board, surprising everyone and playing it out for a second time.

Thursday, Patricia Bulrich There will be a picture of him with a field of fundamentalism. after starting a very close relationship with alfredo cornejo which may play in Mendoza and not in the national election, the head of PRO will try to broaden his horizons with white hats as he said, as Horacio Rodriguez LarettaThat this time both sides should be included in the formula.

With the Chame festival as the backdrop, from bulrichism An image with the local governor is expected, Gustavo Valdesall-rounder senator and candidate, carolina Losada and his bench partner and partner, Louis Nadenoff. The meeting was heavily promoted by the ranks hawks But the province played down the concern by insisting that the president welcomed all leaders visiting his territory.

One sector of the PRO defined that picture as the beginning of the breakdown of the UCR The product of the distance of some context of the party and Gerardo Morales, Head of the National Committee. According to the defect, Jujuy’s person got too close to the Buenos Aires head of government and ended up not being liked by everyone. Although this was not ratified by the radical ranks, unity was confirmed despite some increasingly entrenched differences with the leadership.

The strongest criticism of Morales lies in his intention to act as Spokesman for all fundamentalists rather than speaking personally. According to one co-religionist, the northern governor knew how to proceed freely to negotiate directly with the head of government on behalf of the rest, such that the whole party responded unanimously. something which, of course, he denied.

However, the problem was not limited to the spokesperson, but to the talks. according to a source of fundamentalism BustedAt the beginning of last year, at a White Beret meeting, deputy Facundo Men’s He made it clear that he was going to play for the presidency of the nation, but made sure that if he did not reach, he would keep his back. He didn’t give rise to any other kind of candidacy from that speech. Something important in tug of war in Buenos Aires Province.

However, having established his position, he also made sure that the neuroscientist was distrustful in believing that Morales might make a move to oust him from the race and pave the way. This was one of the great condemnations of the last time. How, having a fresh name to contest the elections, the UCR decided not to empower him. Mains or none. According to the analysis, this was so that Jujuy’s man would remain the only drinker and have a powerful bargaining card to sit in front of the head of government and, in the worst case, negotiate a vice.

Blink on UCR’s mega act salguero beach With the appearance and photo of Laretta in late October beetle in silver sea A few weeks back, after a meeting of leaders from across the country, it moved in that direction. Give full support to the party. However, both had significant absences that were difficult to hide.

Fundamentalism has to define many issues. From participation in electoral alliances, something that seems to be completely missing despite critical voices, what role will it play in elections, how will provincial rifts or short circuits be resolved and what will it do in elections Buenos Aires, With Manas ticket in the most populous district of the country, Maximiliano Abad will be formally launched on FridayDeputy from Buenos Aires and head of the Radical Committee of that region.

The event will be held at the Once Unidos Stadium in Mar del Plata under the slogans “Radical Change” and “To Change the Province, Maxi Abad”. will focus on Education And a detailed picture with the presence of Manes was not ruled out, whose impulse had its origins in Buenos Aires. Radical range can be reduced by this proposal. Martin TetazWho was positioned as a candidate by many of his colleagues “in off”Doesn’t count himself as a candidate for governor.

The big question is whether it will be Abbot. According to a leader of fundamentalism, the head of the provincial party had no choice but to launch himself to retain the leadership, but ultimately, he would not put his name on the ballot. Then, It was questioned whether UCR could be a name for the district.Above all, because “there were no elections in the last three elections.” If so, the Centennial Party, as head of the list, would find it very difficult to contest the presidency.

which was also shown in Mar del Plata Nestor Grindetti, one of the men near Mauricio Macri, who was officially launched as a gubernatorial candidate under the wing of former President and Patricia Bulrich. The Mayor of Lanús will also visit Balcarce, Villa Gesell and Pinamar with various public activities. At the start of his tour, and after attending the presentation of FIFA Man’s book, he showed no indication of a candidacy for leader and expressed his intention not to “pressurize” him because “Becoming a candidate for president is not an easy decision, nor is it made overnight.”

This potential absence opened the door to an even closer alliance with Bulrich, who “is closer to Mauricio’s thinking about the way he sees politics and has the courage and determination” to be “the best candidate the PRO has today”. ” essential for. , who was campaign manager in 2021 diego santilly, Due to the violation of an electoral agreement, the 2022 start of Larretta was postponed. The head of government had promised not to tip the scales with either name, but following the legislative result, he had no choice but to bet all his chips on “El Colo”. Poor internal communication strategy of informing the change of scenery cost them a split.

But Larreta and Santilli also face a formal incorporation of their own in 2023. as i already guessed Busted, Cynthia Houghton Officially joined the government of Buenos Aires through the Social Council of CABA. As he said, under the seal of his party Más Valores, which is now part of the Larretista campaign, he will focus on the problem of addictions, involving people with disabilities, pregnant women, childhood and older adults.

The relationship between Hotton, Larreta and Santilli is nothing new. The Conservative leader and national deputy have had a great relationship following the 2021 election, a relationship that has been worked on over the past year and formalized this Monday, In fact, the first public action shared by the people of Buenos Aires was the Rural Exhibition in July to support the countryside. Then, they participated in several events in pairs or threes, with the concepts of “dialogue” and “consensus”.

Their inclusion will not be trivial. He received 263,515 votes in the legislative elections, which is about 3% of the total number of votes. And, although transfers are not generally linear, it will be able to contribute to part of that flow and open doors to more conservative sectors, Balancing after the inclusion of Silvia Lospennato, a Falcon The Green Handkerchief, to the Government of Buenos Aires. For some, Houghton is one of many negotiations that will have to be assimilated so that Laretta can try to win the presidency. Expansion into unexpected areas.

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