Election 2024: INE holds lottery for the alphabet of the first surname for the election of polling station officials

Election 2024: INE holds lottery for the alphabet of the first surname for the election of polling station officials

About four months before the federal election National Electoral Institute (INE) Declared that people whose ancestral surname starts with the A” will be selected as polling station official After the draw held this Thursday by C. General Council of INE,

Last December, INE had already announced that those who They were born in March and April They will be among those selected to participate as polling station officials, but the drawing of the first surname letters is still pending, which was completed in an extraordinary session this Thursday.

The result is that people who were born in the months of March and April, whose first surname starts with A, will be entitled to the polling station, so INE will send them invitation letters to be part of the election day.

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They highlight the importance of the draw

Martin Faiz Mora President of INE Electoral Training and Organization Commission In view of the federal elections on 2 June, the importance of the draw for the unification of the Casilla Board of Directors (MDC) was highlighted.

Selected polling station officials will be responsible for receiving and counting votes on Election Day next June.

“It is one of the mechanisms and processes that have deeply contributed to our democratic transition and the shifts in power that characterize it from the perspective of procedural democracy, which is the only possible and desirable door on the path to genuine democracy. , “, indicated the counselor in an extraordinary session.

ine instructor They will meet with those who have been elected and provide them with information to obtain relevant advice so that they can carry out their duties on election day next Sunday, June 2.

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According to INE on election day Elections will be held on more than 2 thousand popular posts And it is considered the most important election of the country.

Other popularly elected positions will be voted on for renewal presidency of the republic Voting will take place to elect senators, federal and local representatives, mayors and nine governorships, as well as Mexico City’s head of government.

The National Electoral Institute states that elections by this method guarantee independence, certainty and impartiality in the integration of the Castilla Board of Directors to oversee election day.