Presidential candidates are doing this just 4 months before the elections


Only four months are left for its completion presidential electionwhich has surprised everyone How are the candidates contesting for the presidency in the elections to be held on June 2?,

Let’s remember that the participants on election day 2024 for the presidency are: claudia sheinbaumMorena, candidate of PT and PVEM; Xochitl Galvez, Representatives of the ‘Strength and Heart for Mexico’ coalition composed of the PAN-PRI-PRD; And Jorge Alvarez MenezRepresentatives of the Citizens Movement (MC).

And although there are still 123 days left presidential election Having been done, it seems that the balance has begun to tilt in favor of the fourth transformation (4T) continuing in the national arena, as the former head of the Mexico City government has begun to establish himself as the favorite of the contest. .

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How are the presidential candidates doing 4 months before the elections?

According to the latest report from Oraculas, which collaborates with Grupo Formula, claudia sheinbaum has managed to gain a wide advantage over its direct competitor, xochitl galvezBecause it claims superiority of 32 points.

This score has been known by a site specialized in elections after a demographic exercise in which it measured different surveys published by different analytical houses, and with it, established an average preference among the candidates for the presidency.

As explained by Oraculas, claudia sheinbaum It has an electoral preference of 63 per cent of intentions, making it a widespread favorite before the start of the elections.

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Whereas xochitl galvez 31 percent voting intention and is in third place Jorge Alvarez Menez According to direct surveys among the candidates, with only six percent.

In terms of parties, Morena is the one that dominates the results of the voting for the presidency with 55 percent, followed by PAN with 20 percent, PRI with 12 percent, Citizens Movement with 5 percent, PVEM with 3 percent. . percent, and finally the PRD and PT with only 2 percent each.

Regarding the coalition, ‘We Continue Making History’, composed of Morena, PT and PVEM, claims 60 percent preference, while ‘Fuerza y ​​Corazón por México’, composed of PAN-PRI-PRD, claims only 35 percent. and Movimiento Ciudadano, which will go alone in the June 2 race, has 5 percent.

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