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Elections in the Balearic Islands | Housing: These are the proposals of political parties

Housing is one of the main problems of the citizens of the Balearic Islands. For this reason it is very important to know the proposals on this matter of the major political parties competing in the regional elections to be held on 28 May. The order of the answers will depend on the number of votes received in previous elections, always from highest to lowest.


The PSIB-PSOE proposes a ‘Social Pact for Housing’ during the first three months of the legislature. « We want 30% of the residential park to be limited price housing and hence, affordable, either at VPO or appraised value, thanks to both public and public-private collaboration». In addition, he “tasks for housing policies to be multiplied by two regional budgets and will seek the involvement of other administrations.” One of his proposals is the creation of “a public company that would allow direct influence on the land and housing market.” expands the powers and resources that the regional administration currently has.” There will also be a legislative amendment to include the land of the Big Fork in a bag for the construction of VPOs,” thus allowing speculation on land capitulation. can be reduced.”

The socialists also promise to recover municipal housing boards in all the municipalities where we govern, making municipalities an entity with investment capacity that allows them to act directly on land, like a public company called The government will build and, at the same time, at the same time, it allows them to build houses. Furthermore, “we will promote the compact city which generates a structure of proximity and avoids the consumption of much area for construction”. We will also “densify places in cities that allow it, such as areas for multi-family homes and if possible we will also increase height. More housing without consuming more area”. Another initiative is based on the government’s “purchase of obsolete hotels, which we will convert into homes” and “we will repurpose unemployed premises to be allocated for residential uses.”


The PP “acts to remove the existing 80,000 vacant homes and to offer tax incentives and protections to owners to cooperate with private initiatives.” To achieve this, they are committed to “the implementation of a secured rental program mediated between owners and tenants that guarantees the collection and recovery of apartments in good condition in exchange for rent at a fair price.” They also propose a Build to Rent program, the transfer of public lots to developers in exchange for rental promotions at an appraised value; A package of tax incentives such as a new cut for landlords, extending it to renters and eliminating the tax on first home purchases for people under 30 and people under 35, large families, reducing it in half for single parents or the disabled».

Populist also assures that he will make “administrative simplifications for improvement and rehabilitation projects, as well as allowing the conversion of premises into homes or dividing large ones that do not respond to current needs into more than one home.” ”

United we can

«The solution to the housing problem faced by the Balearic Islands requires a series of measures that must change how housing is understood politically. It must stop being seen as a good with which the public powers are envisioned to become an armored right,” they maintain from United We Can.

For this reason, they want «the Balearic Islands to be the first autonomous community to develop the housing law approved in Congress to its maximum extent, limiting rental prices and declaring all the islands a stressed area, in addition to restricting home ownership. To reduce is considered a big holder”. From the Purple Formation they argue that “we have 70,000 vacant homes that should be made available to the public, which is why it is necessary to create a tax on vacant homes. We also want to restrict the purchase of housing for non-residents and Want to create a public real estate agency.


“In the face of failed policies and interventionist recipes that are not the solution, Ciudadanos proposes a comprehensive plan of 30 sensible, feasible and effective measures divided into seven axes,” they reveal from the orange formation. In particular, this includes increasing the supply of homes for sale and rent, ending poor housing policies, providing legal certainty and guarantees for owners renting out their homes, tax benefits, improving regulations and clearing legislative confusion. involves solving. Case. Make changes to urban planning and area, density and favor access to housing for young people.

More to Mallorca

Eco-Sovereign is committed to “lowering rental prices by law, so that no one has to invest more than 30% of their salary in house payments.” In this sense, they believe that the state housing law limits the increase in the cost of leases, but does not enter a price that they understand is already too high.

Més per Mallorca says that, “Although this legislature has done more than ever, we need to build more public housing and do it in a more agile and fast way, making all the administrative changes necessary for this matter We should have a public housing stock that is close to the European average. And we should also note that in the last 10 years, about 60,000 non-residents have bought a home on the islands. In 2022, one in three households will be non-resident. was purchased by residents and the purchasing power and average wages are much higher than that of residents of the Balearic Islands in countries such as the United Kingdom or Germany. For this reason, we urge the Spanish state and the European Union to limit non-residents’ purchases Will put pressure on


The first measure for Vox is to “guarantee owners legal protection to revive the rental market”. Urgent action is needed to solve the squatting problem.” In addition, it is committed to “liberalization of land, which means not building in protected areas, away from it, but using land as available. He also defended that “in urban areas you have to build at height. And it is necessary to promote the construction of VPOs in collaboration with the public administration and private developers and builders.


The regional constitution advocates “elimination of transfer tax for purchase of first home by people with more than ten years of residence or exemption of real estate tax for owners during the first 5 years of their acquisition”. He has in his election program “encouraging the continued growth of the public housing stock as well as the conversion of obsolete and low-quality hotels and complexes into homes.”

His other proposals include “Housing at Maximum Price”. Private developers who voluntarily comply will have certain urban benefits, such as building more apartments on the same plot or increasing height above what is included in the general plan or the respective urban plan, as long as they sell apartments. An affordable price marked by the administration.

Guarantee the owners in case of non-payment or illegal repossession. Those who are willing to rent out their flat should have a guarantee that they will be able to get back their flat immediately in case of any default or within 24 hours in case of illegal occupation.

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