These large-capacity, three-layer water tanks cost less than 3,000 pesos


There are many places where there is water shortage, so many people need to install a water tank to ensure the water supply at home and you can buy your water, Electra has many at a price of less than 3 thousand pesos Has a large capacity, and three-layer water tanks.

If you are already tired of carrying buckets and taking baths because you don’t have enough water in your home, the best thing you can do is buy a water tank for your home.

These are three-layer water tanks that cost less than 3 thousand pesos in electricity.

To ensure you never run out of water in your home, Electra has several models of three-layer water tanks priced at less than 3,000 pesos. These are:

  • IUSA brand three-layer 7750-liter tank
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It is a three-layer water tank with a capacity of 750 liters, with a special antibacterial inner layer and an airtight lid that prevents the entry of dust or particles that could contaminate the water. It is on offer for 2,521 pesos Only 2 thousand 101 pesos.

  • 7750-liter tank with IUSA brand accessories

It is a three-layer water tank with a capacity of 750 liters, an airtight “Easy Close” lid, and comes complete with necessary accessories for installation, such as a rod, air jug, universal connector, high tank valve, and ball. It is at a promotional price of 2,615 pesos At only 2 thousand 179 pesos.

  • Beige 450 Ltr Tank with IUSA Brand Accessories
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This water tank has a three-layer coating that ensures its resistance, durability, and 50-year warranty. It has a storage system of 450 liters of water and accessories for installation. This phase is worth 2 thousand 536 pesos Only 2 thousand 113 pesos.

  • 6600-liter tank in beige color with IUSA brand accessories

If you want a resistant water tank, this is your best choice, as it is made from stainless steel molds in a single piece, without joints or welding, using the highest quality polyethylene that offers 50 years of durability. Gives a guarantee. It also has three-layer technology that provides resistance, durability, and bacteria-free water. It became 2,813 pesos Only 2 thousand 344 pesos.

  • 7750-liter tank with IUSA brand accessories
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It is a 750-liter capacity water tank with three-layer technology that prevents bacteria growth and has a float with rod, air jug, universal connector, high tank valve, and sphere. Its price is 3 thousand 115 pesos Only 2 thousand 596 pesos.

Take advantage of these great offers and stop bathing with your new three-layer water tank that has a lot of resistance.


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