Electric car, doomed, global problem that threatens existence

Electric car, doomed, global problem that threatens existence

The electric car, that silent and smokeless miracle they try to soup us up, is in the spotlight. It’s not as good a solution as they portray it. lithium industry which originally sends China He is in serious trouble. And this situation will have disastrous consequences for our beloved electric vehicles.

According to a recent study, the investment of 116,000 million dollars Before we reach 2030, we have to meet the targets set by governments and car brands. However, a figure is practically can not be reached according to experts from benchmark, a company specializing in sectors such as raw materials. “It’s almost impossible and definitely a race against time.”

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There isn’t enough lithium to meet expected demand by 2030

Most of those millions of dollars will have to be spent on building new mines, refineries and expanding existing facilities.

But that is not all. According to automakers’ EV production targets, the transition to electric mobility would require 5.3 million tons of lithium carbonate. Taking into account that the current availability of this stuff is a ton, things don’t look good.

Some shocking figures on which many car manufacturers are eyeing 2030 as the year in which they would say goodbye to combustion engines. In addition, forecasts such as Tesla that he intends to build 20 million electric cars That year, they seem unattainable.

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Electric car could lead to conflict between states

This study also tells us what we have to do to fulfill all these promises. 7,0 TWh (terawatt-hour) of batteries in 2030. However, until then with the lithium production we anticipate, we will only be able to produce 3.2 TWh Lithium-Ion Battery,

But that is not all. To all this, the conflict of interest between the countries has also been added. carlos tavares, CEO Of stellar, talked about another problem a few months ago: “Not only lithium may not be enough, but the concentration of lithium mining may also create other geopolitical problems.” Perhaps today we are facing a new storm which we cannot even imagine. In fact, some companies are contracting directly with extraction companies, bypassing middlemen. As we said, the world of electricity is not as beautiful as it is painted. Either they’ll put their money into researching and developing new batteries that don’t require lithium to work, or the electric car’s days may be numbered.

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