Electric cars have won in Europe, but in Spain they have embarrassed us again


The European data is certainly positive in other aspects in favor of the electric car. For example, he has achieved a 14.6% share in the general automobile market (in 2022, this figure was 12.13%), which indicates a steady increase in its popularity and adoption throughout Europe, although, as we will see later, it has a very uneven distribution depending on each country.

This percentage of the total European vehicle fleet means that they are now, for example, above diesel vehicles, which have remained more or less stable with a market share of 13.6%. Gasoline vehicles dominated the European market with a market share of 35.3%, while hybrid-electric vehicles came in second with a market share of 25.8%.

Spain is lagging behind expectations

As we said before, if the European average in relation to the total is 14.6% of electric cars, it must also be said that there is a growing gap between countries that are leading in the adoption of electric cars and those that are lagging behind.

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European Electric Car Market Share

Currently, the market share of electric vehicles in 15 of the 27 countries that make up the European Union is below the European average. No one was surprised; Spain is one of those that lowers the average.

It is believed that countries where the percentage of electric cars as compared to total vehicles is more than 15% are well aligned with this. EU decarbonization objectives: Our data is worse than Romanian.

Of those 15 countries below average, Romania is already one of the countries with more than 10% market share. Therefore, there are only 14 EU member states where the sale of electric cars does not represent even one in ten transactions. Spain is one of them, with data revolving around 5%.

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Although we’re nowhere near the average electric car market share in Europe, we’re still within Promising countries due to significant increase in salesMore than 50% year-on-year compared to 2022. In addition to Spain, this category includes Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Poland, Greece, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia, and Slovenia. Overall, these countries represent 6.2% of electric vehicle sales within the EU. We are lagging behind, but there are green shoots.

Sales Of Electric Cars According To The Purchasing Power Of Each Eu Country

This study shows that the slap on the wrist to market share for electric cars is greater when levels of GDP per capita are higher. It is clear that the price of electric cars is the main obstacle, but there are also countries where better results are being achieved. For example, Portugal shines as a country that enjoys a market share higher than the European average (about 20%) and has only the ninth highest GDP per capita in the EU.

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When comparing the market share of electric vehicles with the financial capabilities of the population, this relationship does not hold in 15 of the 27 EU countries. Spain is one of the countries where sales of electric cars are slightly lower than expected purchasing power among the population.


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