Electricity prices did not rise above inflation: CFE

Electricity prices did not rise above inflation: CFE

During the eighth ordinary session of the Board of Directors of cfe Jose Martin Mendoza Hernandez, director general of the Basic Services Supplier (SSB) agency, said: Increase recorded in 2023 in electricity consumption of 8.8 TWh, and in turn, the President’s energy policy did not increase electricity prices above it inflation,

Similarly, they presented the annual performance report for 2023, which highlighted higher growth in subscribers than ever before 48 million, of which 42.97 million belong to the domestic sector Which shows an annual growth of 1.6%.

In the figures, he announced that during 2023, the sale of electrical energy generated income of 458,570 million pesos; At the end of December 2023, 473 thousand 046 million pesos were invoiced. Meanwhile, in terms of consumption, he said the medium and large industries sector used 222,892 GWh of electrical energy and sold 112,474 GWh.

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Regarding actions taken by the subsidiary in the billing, collection and service process for customers affected by Hurricane Otis in Acapulco And Coyuca de Benítez in Guerrero announced that by presidential order they will not pay for the electricity service for consumption made in the months of October, November and December 2023 and January 2024.

As a result of the implementation of the agreement and demonstrating solidarity with the affected people cfe Operating expenses were assumed, amounting to 575 million pesos.

On my part, the President of the Council and the Director-General of the CFE, manuel bartlett Congratulated EPS on its performance during 2023 and said it made it possible to properly manage and cover operating expenses to reduce and handle contingencies such as Hurricane Otis.

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