Electronic device that keeps bats away from your home without disturbing other animals

presence of Bat one in House It is not the most common, but the condition can occur. It doesn’t have to be bad, in fact it has its benefits, because they animals They feed on insects which can be very annoying and even dangerous to human health.

However, if you are bothered by the sounds or smells they may produce, luckily there is A very effective way to drive them away, if you want to know How to keep bats away from your homeKeep reading, because we will give you very useful tips.

How to keep bats away from your home

enough with Understand the behavior of these animals and take measures to scare them, For example, they are usually installed in ventilation ducts, in holes in ceilings and walls, in chimneys … Bats prefer to settle in dark areas, where you can relax and sleep when the sun goes down. Knowing this, you must take Following measures to drive them away,

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Apply electronic repellant to scare away bats

Bats are nocturnal animals. As they walk in the dark, They use their highly developed hearing system which detects all types of ultrasoundsElectromagnetism, vibration … not to be lost.

electronic bait repeller

Electronic repellents emit waves that confuse and frighten these animals, and are a very good remedy against them, as they do not use toxic products, Do not produce unpleasant odors or require installation, In addition, its duration is unlimited. With these gadgets, you can keep bats out of your house forever.

Use repellent or light to drive away bats

Repellents such as mothballs give off a very unpleasant odor to bats. For this method to be effective, it has to be used in large quantities. thus, their smell will become unbearable to them and they will leave,

mothballs scare away bats

However, caution should be exercised with this option, as the odor Can cause allergies and poisoning in some people, Therefore, it is also not advisable to misuse this technology. In that case a more practical solution is install a light bulb In their habitat, since bats run away from light it bothers them a lot.

Place Fiberglass So Bats Don’t Sit

By covering walls and roofs with this material bats are made It is more difficult to sit and settle. In addition, also You should try to seal or cover all the cracks, This way you will also prevent them from entering your home again.

Fiberglass Repel Bats

when you have driven them away You should clean the infected area thoroughly and try to cover all the holes The purpose of this is not only to scare away these flying animals, but prevent them from reappearing in our house.

importance of bats

If they are not a hindrance to you, we recommend that you do not scare them, because They are great pest controllers, They can kill bugs that can be harmful to our health even better than a professional exterminator. without proceeding, Bats eat mosquitoes that can transmit diseases to peopleLike Anopheles, which transmits malaria. So, think carefully whether you want to scare them or not.


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