Eliminated from Who is the Mask 2023 in the semi-finals

 Eliminated from Who is the Mask 2023 in the semi-finals;  What is the Millennium Group?

The mysterious television show Who is the mask? 2023 celebrates its semi-final this Sunday and the entire audience already has their favorites as well as their bets on the six remaining characters.

Last week, the identities of Hada (Mariazel Olle Casals) and Llama (Alejandra Espinoza), who were eliminated in the semifinals of the reality show, were revealed.

Previously, personalities such as Nicola Porcella, Ernesto D’Alessio, “Coque” Muñiz and even the American actor became known Drake Bellproving that absolutely anyone can be on the reality show.

In addition to the participation of Galilea Montijo, in this edition the controversial actress Martha Higareda, who accompanies Juanpa Zurita, Carlos Rivera and Yuri at the researchers’ table, joined Omar Chaparro and Marisol González.


Who is eliminated today?

After a direct confrontation, this was announced Teeth eliminated against Jaguar. Mario Bezares (Yuri), Burro Van Rankin (Juanpa Zurita), Paul Stanley (Martha Higareda) and Ricardo Fastlicht (Carlos Rivera) were the researchers’ bets. After the shout “Mask off!” it was announced Paul Stanley It was the true identity.

This was announced during the second attack Small cake He was the character eliminated by José Ramonstruo. Ninel Conde (Marthe Higareda), Alma Cero (Juanpa Zurita), Ivonne Montero (Yuri) and Ana de la Reguera (Carlos Rivera) were the investigators’ bets. Ivonne Montero appeared behind the mask.

In the final confrontation of the night, Pig punk won the race against Bone. Yordi Rosado (Juanpa Zurita), Facundo (Martha Higareda), Adal Ramones (Carlos Rivera) and Yurem (Yuri) were the bets of the program’s researchers. After losing the mask, he was revealed to be his true identity Yordi Rosado.

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When and at what time can you watch the semi-finals of Who is the Mask 2023 live today?

Tonight the finalists of the reality show will be announced from 8:30 p.m. on the open television channel “Las Estrellas”, its website and the Televisa subscription service Vix.

Who is the mask 2023: active participants

  • Teeth
  • Bone
  • jaguar
  • Jose Ramonstruo
  • Small cake
  • Pig punk

Who is the mask 2023: eliminated

  • Milagrito – Mimí de Flans
  • Sunflower – Christian de la Fuente
  • Balero – “Coque” Muñiz
  • Sorceress – Lorena de la Garza
  • Baby Alien – Drake Bell
  • Pixel Boy – Nicola Porcella
  • Namaste – Ernesto D’Alessio
  • Sardines – Daniel Elbittar
  • Wasp – Chantal Other
  • Bumper Car – Magneto
  • Bombona – Kika Edgar
  • Fairy – Mariazel Olle Casals
  • Flame – Alejandra Espinoza
  • Teeth – Paul Stanley
  • Cupcake – Ivonne Montero
  • Bone
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