Elon Musk sent a car into space in 2018. It now orbits between Mars and Earth, but not much is known about it

 Elon Musk sent a car into space in 2018.  It now orbits between Mars and Earth, but not much is known about it.

Did you know that a Tesla was launched into space? Well, after this we now know what a director does fast and furious while throwing a Pontiac Firebird, Well, we are not talking about movies here, rather we are talking about the achievement Elon Musk Dare to do in 2018.

we already know space x Elon Musk’s company is dedicated to space and before sending his starship Into orbit, in 2018 they sent powered by a Tesla Roadster Shaktiman -A robot designed for this mission-, this humanoid wore a space suit and set out on this journey, perhaps never to return.

space mission named Falcon Heavy and was sent into orbit primarily to collect data between Earth and Mars, remember that Elon wants to be first colonizer of mars,

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It may sound weird, but you can say it’s official first car in space, the option of returning home may be impossible at this time. Since its launch, it has completed 3 revolutions around the Sun and is estimated to be 99,021,137 km away from Earth, and traveling at a speed of 47,965 km/h. Where is the roadster? According to the data, Starman passed close to the red planet in October 2020 at a distance of 804,672 km.

This may be true, although other analysts believe that too much radiation at takeoff caused the car to disintegrate after launch, and that composite materials such as carbon fiber would turn to ash. If the car is still in one piece, according to NASA software, that ensures we’ll have to wait until 2035 to see it near Mars’ orbit.

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Elon Musk wondered what if tesla roadster was found in the future, as he hoped that his “descendants could drag the Roadster back to a museum”, so that they could see that one of the computers had a plaque loaded with the names of Issac Asimov’s works and people . In charge of this space mission.