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Endesa harasses thousands of customers by not sending them invoices for several months

“To be more efficient, everything we do matters.” This is the main claim that one reads when accessing the Endesa website. It is supposed to appeal to the personal responsibility of consumers. Now, if Tortilla was turned around and Endesa directed that “everything we do” does itself, what would it uncover? Because the energy giant has been through a lot lately.

Solar Plant. Investment in electrical network. “Raise the ambition” of your sustainability plan. Optimize overhead lines. Or even get a net normal result of 2,398 million euros, try to secretly collect gas caps from customers it didn’t match, accumulate hundreds of criticisms because of its customer service failures, or send invoices to many consumers. Months pass without the dreaded receiving, after this unwanted bracket, a trigger receipt that will upset their accounts.

Company change proposal

Monte Navarro received electricity and gas bills every two months. last. “Both should have reached me in late April or early May. When I didn’t receive them, I first wrote to them to claim them and when I didn’t get a response, I called customer care,” he says. To his surprise, the operator attending to him told him that he was paying too much and that he might offer him another company.

“I told him that I wasn’t calling him about this problem, that I just wanted to know when my bills would come and not to worry about my finances. The guy insisted that why should he call the companies didn’t want to change and I replied that I was satisfied with what I was paying for,” Navarro says. Annoyed, he also asked the salesman if Endesa had too many customers.

“Sneaking in on an offer that doesn’t interest me”

This consumer confirms that she felt “upset” because “they tried to make me an offer I wasn’t interested in, and yet they ignored my claim, which is a service company for not being billed.” had to pay.” Finally, he decided to write to Twitter and then Endesa asked him for the data again. “They apologized because apparently they are outsourced companies,” he says.

“The fact that they end up telling me that they will give me payment facility if multiple challans come together…and why do I want payment facility? I want my challans to be done in a timely manner and so Don’t feel that I am ‘outstanding’ for several months’ worth of invoices, what does this mean for my normal accounts”, he argued.

No gas bill

Finally, Navarro says, “The electric bill came in a few days ago, but there’s no trace of the gas bill. And here I am still texting because I can’t wait to talk to a machine or spend an hour on the phone with a person.” I’m not ready to explain that I’m not interested in getting offers I didn’t ask for, ”he settles.

Something similar happened with Elena Cano. Bills also came every two months, and the last bill, corresponding to the period between July and September, was paid in November. Since then they have not received any, despite the fact that they have repeatedly contacted Endesa to inquire about the reasons for the delay.

A woman calls on the phone / PEXELS

“A problem with the computer system”

She’s worried, she says, that the company will misunderstand that it is she who is making the decision not to pay them for some reason. “I called the first time in January, and they told me there was a problem with the computer system and they were uploading customer data,” he explains.

Remembering Kano, he also assured him that it would be resolved in about 15 days, but it did not happen. He called twice more with similar results. The third time, after a while, Helena decided to put a claim in writing to see if it would speed up the process. He requested an appointment at the Endesa office to complete the process and they did. “The employee told me not to worry, and even more so: that the data still hadn’t been dumped. They’ve always told me the same thing,” he says.

Apologies to Endesa

Faced with Endesa’s inaction, Cano filed a second claim. And it paid off: On May 5, he received an email from Endesa saying the company had looked into his incident. They apologised, reiterated that this was a typical problem and assured that in any case, this delay in billing would not affect their energy supply.

A woman checking a vatium receipt / freepik - peoplecreationsA woman looking at a receipt / FREEPIK – PEOPLECREATIONS

On May 10, nearly six months after paying the last invoice, Cano went to the Endesa office for a third time, and showed the email to a company employee with whom he had previously spoken. He explained that this was “a good sign”: they had acknowledged that they were not billing him, they had taken his file, and they had begun the process. Procedures that, according to this worker, will be resolved “after 5 or 10 days”.

“6,000 people affected”

So far this has not happened. His third visit to the office also brought a confession: the office worker confided in Canoe that there were “about 6,000 people” in the same position. He did not specify how payments for accumulated invoices amounting to 800 or 1,000 euros would be divided. Furthermore, Cano emphasizes that if he has obtained this information, it is because he is worried about “behind them”. “I don’t want to owe money to any company,” he decides.

The case in the network has warmed the souls of many people. “Apparently, Endesa’s invoices now you have to touch in a scratch and win”, one customer sarcastically, while another highlights the anguish of “not receiving invoices since January” and that Endesa “consistently replies that they Will solve it soon”.

Facade of the endesa headquarters in madrid / epFacade of the Endesa Headquarters in Madrid / EP

App Improvements

There are also those who lament that after a period without charges, they passed “7 receipts at once” or that when they finally received the invoice “they did not honor the rate” they had It was by contract. “I’ve claimed multiple times and they tell me what it is.”

The feeling of helplessness is widespread: “According to Endesa, the delay of four months in issuing invoices is due to the application being improved to improve customer service. Laughing, isn’t it? And now they will bill me for four months in one go?”, another questioned.

A “massive” event

There are also users who published responses from Endesa, where the company referred to a “huge” incident. Be it or not, the fact is that the company has faced such problems in the past as well.

A person talks on a mobile phone while watching a computer/pexelsA person talks on a mobile phone while watching a computer/PEXELS

In February 2022, the National Market and Competition Commission (CNMC) gave Endesa’s electricity distributor EDistribución Redes Digitales 10 business days to send by burfax to all marketers who were affected by an installment agreement or deferred billing delay of payment .

Company status

When asked about the matter, Endesa sources explained to this outlet that the billing system for customers began to change in April 2022 as part of a system digitization and reform program, adding that the change was due to “a large number of important regulatory coincides with changes that went into effect the day after their publication without a deadline to adapt our processes and systems, which has affected the customer billing process”.

This has caused the company to “develop all regulatory changes to both the old and new systems”. They also say that the implementation of the new system and the migration of “more than 12 million contracts” require a “stabilization period of processes affecting billing periods”.

Endesa promises moratorium

“We at Endesa are working to regularize the situation at the earliest and stabilize the billing process for our customers. We apologize for that,” he says.

A person checks the bill and price of electricity / pexelsA person checks the bill and price of electricity / PEXELS

Finally, they explain that affected customers with billing accruals “will be able to negotiate a payment agreement that is tailored to their needs upon receipt of an invoice. This agreement is personalized and is clearly without any vested interests. , Endesa alleges that when there is a delay, a single invoice is not issued for the entire period, “but the pending invoices are issued one by one and can be deferred by as many months as the delay Is”.

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