Endrick scores, grabs the title and leaves on a stretcher

Endrick scores, grabs the title and leaves on a stretcher

Endrick was again a prominent figure in Palmeiras’ victory that brought the Brasileirao title very close to the São Paulo team. The 17-year-old scored with a stunning left-footed shot from the edge of the area just before the end of the first minute of the game and then left a complete performance with constant involvement in creation of his team.

In a very offensive plan by Abel Ferreira against América Mineiro, a low team and already relegated, Endrick started from the right wing and appeared repeatedly in the central part of the attack. He used his quickness to start near the sideline but when the ball moved away from his sector he quickly joined the area or switched sides to help create play in three quarters of the field.

The forward who will arrive in Madrid next July is a constant trouble for the opposing defense. He was very close to scoring his second goal with another left-footed shot but Jori prevented it with a great intervention. In the first half alone, he added 33 touches to the ball and received two forced fouls. However, he had to be substituted in the 81st minute when he left the field stretching with obvious signs of pain. He was trying to find the ball and then felt a pain in his right leg that prevented him from walking. He left on a stretcher and then sat on the ground while wailing. However, he ended up watching the game on the bench with a very peaceful face.

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This new goal from Endrick, the tenth in Brasileirao, is Palmeiras’ fastest of the season. Surprisingly, Verdao’s next two first-ever goals were also the work of the young forward. He scored against Cuiabá after five minutes and Athletico Paranaense after six. This is not a coincidence but a constant of a player who enters the games with maximum concentration and ambition to find the goal.

Palmeiras accounts

Palmeiras leads Botafogo, Atlético Mineiro and Flamengo by three points. This means that if all three teams stumble this weekend and Verdao beats Fluminense, they will be champions with one matchday left to play. Even if the candidates who topple Abel Ferreira’s team win, their chances of becoming champions are slim as long as the leader adds three points.

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If the advantage seen in the table at this time in the classification is maintained for the final date, there may be a tie on points with a loss for Verdao. The first factor to consider is the number of wins and the second is the goal difference. Palmeiras has a better balance than its rivals when the championship ends with equal points. Botafogo is the closest team with +23 but the São Paulo team has gathered +30.


Arthur (11′, Ron), flag (45′, Gonzalo Mastriani), Renato Marques (45′, Éder), Everaldo (45′, Felipe Azevedo), Jonathan (71′, Breno Lopes), Fabinho (71′, Richard Rios), Martin Benitez (76′, Emmanuel Martínez), James Maidana (77′, July), Jailson (80′, Zé Rafael), Jose Lopez (80′, Endrick)

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1-0, 1′: Endrick2-0, 39′: DOING3-0, 87′: Jose Lopez4-0, 91′: Jose Lopez


Referee: Wilton Pereira Sampaio
VAR Referee: Rodolpho Toski Marques, Antonio Adriano de Oliveira
Julius (14′, Yellow) Kaiky Naves (32′, Yellow) DOING (35′, Yellow) Richard Rios (54′, Yellow)


Classification PT PJ PG PE PP

1 66 36 19 9 8
2 63 36 18 9 9
3 63 36 18 9 9
4 63 36 18 9 9
5 59 35 18 5 12

Classification PT PJ PG PE PP

16 42 36 11 9 16
17 41 36 11 8 17
18 35 35 8 11 16
19 30 36 8 6 22
20 21 36 4 9 23