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Sunday, March 7, 2021

Enemy sting: Grandson kills grandfather’s murderer after 50 years

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The sting of hostility is very bad. When it thrives, it is not a matter of everyone to get its roots cut off. The stench of enmity was seen in a very frightening scene in Makdoli Kalan village of Haryana state. Where the grandson has come to take revenge for the murder of the grandfather, which took place almost 50 years ago. After the grandfather’s murderer entered the house and cut the sword. The surprise in the incident of murder is that when the grandfather was killed, the father of the grandson was not even born.

Superintendent of Police Rohtak Rahul Sharma also confirms the incident. According to him, Sandeep alias Gola, who carried out this murder incident, is 28 years old. He killed the 76-year-old retired army officer Nawal Singh in broad daylight on Thursday. The sword has been used in the incident. the accused has been arrested. Under the incident, the murder of Srilal, which took place in the village nearly 50 years ago, is being told as the main reason.

Father-in-law’s murder in front of daughter-in-law

According to Rohtak Police, on Thursday morning, former army soldier Nawal Singh (76), living in Makdouli Kalan village, was sitting in the house. The daughter-in-law of Naval Singh, who was nearby, was cooking. Then Sandeep alias Gola entered the house with a sword in his hand. By the time the householders could understand something, Sandeep stabbed him with the sword and cut the elderly Naval Singh into pieces. Meanwhile, daughter-in-law Meena also came to the rescue to save her father-in-law. Due to which the sword was badly injured.

Previously asked about the son

According to Meena, the only eyewitness to this sensation of murder in the village in broad daylight and the wife of Virendra, son of murdered Naval Singh, the murderer first asked about my husband Virendra as he entered the house. As soon as I said that he has gone to the market. On hearing this, he (the attacker) started indiscriminately attacking my father-in-law with a sword. While running away, the killer kept saying that the number is now that of Virendra (son of former army man Nawal Singh and husband of Meena).

Murdered now 50 years ago

Actually, the story that came out behind this whole incident is at the root of it, about 50 years ago, the murder of Sree Lal in the village. Srilal was murdered on Thursday by Nawal Singh, who was slaughtered by Sandeep alias Gola, 28-year-old grandson of Srilal. When Srilal was killed, his (Srilal) wife was pregnant. Two to three months after the murder of Srilal, his son (father of Sandeep, grandson of Srilal, accused of killing Nawal Singh) was born.

Naval was accused of murder 50 years ago

According to Rohtak Police, Naval Singh was also jailed for many years on the charge of killing of Srilal about 50 years ago. Later on the decision in the village panchayat and on the court’s order, the accused Naval Singh came out of jail. After that there was a reconciliation between the two families. Both houses had started coming to each other’s house. According to Deputy Superintendent of Police Sadar (Rohtak) Sajjan Singh, accused Sandeep has been arrested. A sword has also been seized from him.

Steps taken at the instigation of the villagers!

According to the police, villagers often used to criticize Srilal’s grandson Sandeep that he or any person in his house could not even take revenge for Srilal’s murder. This was very shocking to Srilal’s grandson Sandeep alias Gola. Sandeep was also angry about the discussions that took place about the murder of Dada Shrilal, the family family. Sandeep also used to pass this fact that those who killed his grandfather are still alive.

The intention was to kill both father and son.

According to the facts in the interrogation of Sandeep by Rohtak police, Sandeep started feeling himself under great stress after being surrounded by all these discussions. After about a week, he decided that he would kill Nawal Singh and his son Virendra, who had slaughtered Dada Shrilal 50 years ago and now 76 years old. Due to this, he started giving edge to an old sword present in the house for several days. On the day of the incident, before the accused, Naval Singh will actually kill his young son Virendra (husband of Meena’s daughter-in-law, Naval Singh’s daughter-in-law, Naval Singh). The old Naval Singh, terrified by the murder of son Virendra, will not be able to escape. So he will kill him on the spot after the murder of his son.

Son survived due to murder with father

Sandeep, the murderer of Nawal Singh, told the police that I was trying to kill Virendra, son of Nawal Singh. First went to ask about Virendra at his house. So Virendra’s wife Meena told her husband to go out of the house. So I thought that what is in front of me should be killed. It is not known whether Naval could even get a chance to kill him. I will kill the son later on getting a chance. It is learned that after 50 years, Sandeep, who avenges the murder of Dada, does farming in the village itself.

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