Environmentalists are trying to stop a project that aims to create a Canarian Hollywood north of Fuerteventura

Environmentalists are trying to stop a project that aims to create a Canarian Hollywood north of Fuerteventura

It’s been a turbulent month for Fuerteventura. after the declaration of the insular interest of Film City Dreamland Studio, Political support has only broken down. The 160,000 square meter project, built on pastoral land and less than half a kilometer from the Corralejo Dunes Natural Park, has generated strong civic mobilization and many problems between the political parties that make up the island’s cabaldo. This Friday, in the last plenary session of the year, it was The minutes of the last plenary session were confirmed by a majority.

Of the 23 councilors that Kabilo has, the leader is still left with the support of one, his party colleague

The culmination occurred on 14 December, when Majoro Council President, Sergio Lloret (Municipal Council of Nueva Canarias-Fuerteventura), Seven councilors were sacked of the Canarian coalition that supported his government. Criticisms by the Nationalist Party for the location of the project led to the pause. To this was added the Popular Party withdrew the support of its four advisors for the project And raised the idea of ​​no-confidence motion. Now, of Cabaldo’s 23 councillors, the leader is still left with the support of one, his party mate.

The Fuerteventura Cabildo approved on 28 November the declaration of interest of the private project Dreamland Studio’s insular, which is close to the Natural Park of the Dunes of Corralejo. it Result voted in favor of ten directors, the President of which was Sergio Lloret, who used his casting vote to break the tie in his favor. The Dreamland Studios initiative went public on the last Wednesday of the year. After its publication in the Official Gazette of the Canary Islands (boc), a period of 30 working days was opened for charges.

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Counselor appointed by Podemos in Cabildo de Fuerteventura andres brianso He asked that the “multiple shouts, serious insults and throwing of an object at a councillor” be included in the minutes of the plenary session of 28 November. Brianso was the center of criticism when voted in favor of the Dreamland Studio project And against the norms of the party. He currently maintains an open file for removal from the group.

potentially serious environmental consequences

union the next day let’s have sex (Ben Magek- Ecologistas en excion) Condemned before the environmental prosecutor’s office the consultants who promoted the declaration Dreamland Studio Island as a project of interest. Environment group credits ten directors and chairman Alleged offense of urban trespass.

The project is located near various protected areas for their natural wealth

Conservation statistics close to the project Dreamland studios are diverse. The project location is 450 meters from the protected natural area of ​​the Corralejo Dunes, next to a Special Bird Protection Area (ZEPA), the Corralejo Special Conservation Area (ZEC) which is part of Red Nature 2000.

According to the complaint he has reached public, Four species living in the area are in danger of extinction. Among them are three birds: the bustard-hubara, the Egyptian vulture or guire and the raven; and a mammal: the Canary Husky. includes all species mentioned in List of threatened species of Spain, from the Canary Islands and, in addition, the birds are protected by Annex I of the EU Birds Directive. However, these are not the only ones that live in this area.

When the Dreamland project was promoted on 28 November, the organization had already received a notice from the Spanish Ornithological Society (SEO BirdLife), where it explained damage to biodiversity that its manufacture can produce. In a letter sent to all Councilors in Majoro Council, Seo BirdLife warned of the negative impact that the construction of these dimensions could have on nature around the Natural Park and a Special Protection Area (JEPA) for birds.

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Sticking to European regulations on habitat protection, SEO Birdlife also recalled in this document that all member states must Take “necessary” measures to prevent housing deterioration ZEPAS, in and out of the field. In this sense, European regulations require that the project, even outside the protected area, does not affect the values ​​that justify its designation.

“No plan or project, which may significantly affect the above locations, individually or in combination with other plans, shall be submitted, without or requiring a direct relationship with the management of the location. Adequate evaluation of its results in place“, cited in the complaint includes European Directive 92/43/EEC. For this reason, the complaint made by the Agonane Collective requests the Environment and Urbanism Prosecutor’s Office to file an appeal against the declaration of island interest of the project.

Buying and selling of land is also in headlines

Ecological reasons are not the only ones mentioned in the complaint, Transacted between the purchase and sale of land carmen riuowner of the Riu hotel chain and business administrator of Dreamland Studios SA, jose antonio newport, is also interrogated by the collective. The 160,000 square meters of land sold to Antonio Newport for 80,000 euros would mean that a square meter of rural land was paid at 0.50 cents. “a ridiculous price” for Agonane.

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square meter of land was paid for at 0.50 cents

in the sale deed to which you have access publicGeafond Numero Dos Fuerteventura SA Group sold the land to Dreamland Studio SA various terms, First project executed under declaration of insular interest, In the fine print of the contract, if Dreamland Studios SA did not request processing as a project of insular interest, Carmen Riu’s company could consider terminated the sale agreement.

Geafond is part of the Riu Hotels and Resort hotel group, which operates two hotels located on the Corralejo Dunes. The future of both hotels is in question general directorate of coast start with two termination record License for not complying with the points included in the concession. Despite selling 160,000 square meters of land to Dreamland Studios SA, the sale document states that the company retained one million square meters of assets within Riu Hotels as of September 2020.

In second position of sale, Geafond Dreamland Studios SA banned from building housing facilities in the area Of any kind, neither tourist nor residential. If he did not honor this, he threatened to demand compensation for damages.

Discontent in La Oliva

Town Hall of La Oliva Nor is he in favor of locating the Dreamland studio half a kilometer away from the Coralejo Dunes. The municipality of La Oliva, in which Dreamland Studios is projected and where the Corralejo Dunes are located, was approved on 22 December. a disagreement agreement with the proposed location. The proposal submitted by the city council noted “contradictions and gaps” in the process. He also requested the protection of the government of the Canary Islands.


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