Ernesto D’Alessio is officially divorced, but is said to still be in love with Charito Ruiz


Last June, Ernesto D’Alessio and Charito Ruiz They announced their divorce after 16 years of marriage. The split comes amid rumors of infidelity on the singer’s part, which Lupita D’Alessio is understood to have confirmed.

The singer’s mother recently made some controversial statements in which she stated that Ernesto D’Alessio received ill treatment from Charito.

For his part, he limited himself to sharing a Tik Tok, in which he mentioned: “Tell the person who informs you, who informs you, to inform you well.”

And the one who came out of the picture today is Ernesto D’Alessio, because in an interview for ‘Venteando’ he talked about his divorce and although he did not deny infidelity, he mentioned that he did not have a partner as they say . .

“One of the things said is that I have another boyfriend, and that is totally false, I have no intention of having him, what’s more, it’s almost impossible for me to get married again, I’ve only been married once in my life and forever.” “.

Ernesto said that he is still in love with his ex-wife, but there is no possibility of getting back together because they have signed a divorce.

“She is my only wife and she is still in my heart… We broke up, we came to an agreement, she and I continued to communicate and we did not follow the agreement to the letter,” he said.

And he explained: “The part that fell to me, yes, without a doubt, but these things are not about visits and living together, I have the confidence to talk to him and to say ‘I want see my children’ and he told me ‘yes, through them.'”

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How is Ernesto D’Alessio?

Ernesto makes sure that everything is fine, however, he is going through the most complicated moments of his life.

“Sometimes I’m good, sometimes I’m not good, that’s a process, but I have nothing but to thank her, she’s a woman with whom I live the happiest days of my life, she’s a beautiful woman, an amazing mother”.

The singer assures that it is not so easy to get rid of 17 years with a person, so he only has respect for it. About the real reasons for their breakup, Ernesto D’Alessio He stated that he will announce them on October 27 through a song.

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