Ernesto de Lima, well-known businessman and leader of Valle del Cauca, died

Ernesto de Lima, president of the Delima Organization.

The famous businessman and leader of Valle del Cauca Ernesto de Lima, the founder of the DeLima organization, one of the largest players in the insurance market in Latin America, died on Tuesday, October 17 in Cali, confirmed by his family .

Thanks to his career, Lima Le Franc became one of the great businessmen of Valle del Cauca in the last century. He is not only one of the Colombians who has the most knowledge on the subject of insurance, but he is also a promoter of the creation of more than twenty companies, including Alianza and Datecsa.

Ernesto De Lima, President Of The Delima Organization.

Ernesto de Lima is the founder of the Delima Organization, an important business leader in the country. | Photo: Courtesy

Ernesto De Lima changed the way insurance is sold in the country, making the insurance sector a strong and profitable business. “I changed the way insurance is sold in Colombia and that is why Delima has become the largest insurance broker in Latin America,” said the businessman last May, precisely at an event where businessmen from the region recognized its great contribution to the economy.

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Who is Ernesto de Lima?

The famous businessman was born in Cali in 1932, started working at the age of 18 and for more than 70 years he has been committed to creating companies in the region. When he was young he joined an insurance company, which was owned by a friend of his father. There, he learned everything he needed to know about business and became an agent for insurance companies.

In a recent interview the businessman gave to 90 Minutes, he recalled how the business started. “When I came back from the United States, I told him, Dad, I want to analyze what I want to do and he helped me find a job in an insurance agency.”

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Since he was young, it was clear that he wanted to become the biggest insurance agent in Cali and the process began when he visited the biggest insurance broker in the United States, which gave him an opportunity to represent them.

Ernesto De Lima, Well-Known Businessman And Leader Of Valle Del Cauca, Died

Ernesto De Lima has a career of over 70 years committed to building a company in the region. | Photo: Alejandro Acosta

“Insurance agents can only work in one company, I have worked with a few and started the insurance broker number, which changed the way insurance is sold. We became the largest insurance broker in Colombia and Latin America,” he recalled.

Over the years he was associated with the Marsh company, one of the largest in the United States, and eventually became Marsh’s leading agent in Latin America. Thanks to his experience in the insurance sector, Ernesto De Lima became a successful businessman and the founder of the insurance brokerage Delima & Cia, one of the most important in the country and a benchmark in Latin America.

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De Lima always believes that the legacy she can leave behind is to “leave a better world than the one she found it in and do that in small details.” Throughout his career, Ernesto De Lima founded more than 25 companies, including Interbanco and the Holguines shopping center, but insurance brokerage was the backbone of his organization.

The Delima Organization is focused on the financial, industrial and service sectors and has participated in the creation of many companies. For this reason, it has become one of the most popular business references in the country, as well as an important job generator.

“For his valuable contribution to the construction of the country, eloquence, generosity, people skills and inspiring leadership,” says the dedication engraved on the plaque received by the businessman in Valle del Cauca.