Esmeralda Pimentel revealed that her time was very dark because of the vice

Esmeralda Pimentel revealed that her time was very dark because of the vice

Actress Esmeralda Pimentel revealed the darkest moments of her life when she participated in Marimar Vega and Efrén Martínez’s podcast, titled The Corner of Errors.

The protagonist of the novels spoke for the first time about the episode in which he faced difficult addiction problems due to a complicated economic situation and a codependent relationship.

“I went through very bright moments and other very dark ones, the drugs, trying to suppress, the abuse. I also received a lot of love. “I consider myself a very lucky person, but I think the answer is learning to ask for help.”

Esmeralda Pimentel

Pimentel explained that he had a lot of faith in illegal things: “The time I came in contact with drugs, with vices, was because the time was very dark. There was a time when I had zero financially. “I was very bad, immersed in a lot of darkness, in a toxic relationship too.”

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Esmeralda assures that the problem of vices is getting worse affecting all areas of her life, including her career.

“I left it because there was no money, because it affected me so much, I couldn’t record anymore, for example. Yes, I’m very categorical or all or nothing, nor gradually, after the ceremony I stopped touching drugs.”

How did Esmeralda leave dr0g4s?

The actress also revealed how she made the decision to give up drugs: “There was a therapist who told me: What do you need drugs for? And I said: I want to connect and feel, because I feel that I connected to the divine through drugs and he said to me: Do you want to connect to the divine? Come to my house on such a day and we will have a drum ceremony.

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Esmeralda commented that this ritual caused a change in her that marked one before and after to finally leave the substances.

“Throughout the night, it’s only during vacation that you drink coffee and water. Thanks to the drum ceremony, I know that there is a possibility that I can feel all these kinds of sensations and contact the god without involvement. It started as we tried it and suddenly I felt a lot of freedom, a lot of false freedom.”

Esmeralda never commented on what point in her career she went through a difficult period or what kind of substances she consumed, but she assured that she was very lucky to leave them.

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