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Tuesday, March 9, 2021

EU calls Russia on Alexei Navalny’s arrest – release immediately and respect rights

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European Union leaders have asked Russia to immediately release the opposition leader Alexei Navalny. 27 leaders of the European Union said this during a digital conference. Russia has also been told that along with the release of Navalni, it should also ensure that their rights are fully respected. Opposition leader Navalny is the one who was poisoned in August as a ‘nerve agent’.

Because of which he became seriously ill from Russia. Charles Michael, host of the EU conference, said that the leaders “hope that Russia will immediately conduct an independent and impartial investigation into what has been done to kill Navalny.”

Demand for a fair international investigation

Michael insisted that Moscow also ‘fully cooperate with the Organization for the Prevention of Chemical Weapons so that an unbiased international investigation can be conducted into the incident with Navalny’. Two of his top aides were taken into custody on Thursday by pre-planned demonstrations against Navalny’s detention. Ever since Navalny told the General Organization for the Prevention of Chemical Weapons in a general meeting that he was attacked by the Opposition as a ‘Nerve Agent’, there has been constant pressure on Russia since then.

Many claims were made about Putin

Alexei Navalny is considered the biggest enemy of Russia’s President Vladimir Putin. Navalny had also made many big revelations about Putin in his blog. Navalny told Putin that he was looting the government treasury over his alleged girlfriend. Apart from this, he is also spending a lot of money on his ex-wife and 17-year-old daughter. It is also claimed that Putin has also built a house worth 100 billion for himself. Which is very luxurious.

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