EU election mission to start deploying observers in Lebanon

BEIRUT ( Associated Press) – A delegation of EU election observers on Monday concluded a six-day visit to Lebanon during which they discussed the deployment of observers ahead of the upcoming May 15 parliamentary elections in the troubled country.

The observer mission said it would begin deploying 30 observers across Lebanon later this week, taking the number up to more than 150 from the 27 EU member states, Switzerland and Norway, on polling day.

During the visit, the head of the mission, György Holweni, discussed his work with top Lebanese officials, politicians and religious leaders.

The May 15 election will be the first in Lebanon since the country’s economic downturn began in October 2019. created a crisis in the country.

The militant Hezbollah group and its allies control most of the seats in the current parliament. His opponents are hoping to deprive him of this majority in next month’s vote.

A total of 103 lists with 1,044 candidates are contesting for the 128-seat assembly divided equally between Christians and Muslims. Parliamentary elections are held in Lebanon once every four years.

Holvány, a Hungarian politician currently serving as a member of the European Parliament, highlighted that the EU election observation mission is fair and independent, adding that it does not judge electoral outcome or validate results. .

He said it will evaluate compliance with regional and international commitments on the electoral process and political participation and democratic elections.

“We are not here to interfere with the process. We are not investigators,” Holvaney said.


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