EU warns of dire climate weather with droughts, fires

BRUSSELS ( Associated Press) – The continent is facing one of its toughest years when it comes to natural disasters like drought and wildfires caused by climate change, the EU executive warned on Thursday.

With extremely dry weather in many Mediterranean countries, EU commissioner Maros efčovič told legislators on Thursday that “the current drought in Europe could be the worst ever.” The climate crisis is exacerbated by large-scale fires in rural areas, he said.

“The data show that since 2017, we have the most intense, intense wildfires ever recorded in Europe. And unfortunately we expect the 2022 wildfire season to follow this trend,” They said.

Extended drought conditions have affected several member states such as Greece and Italy, and last month a heat wave extended to northern Germany. This raised concerns across Europe for more disasters for the rest of the summer.

efčovič said the EU is already providing funding for the deployment of more than 200 firefighters from across the bloc to tackle the fires in Greece.

Italy is in the middle of an early summer heat wave, with the worst drought in northern Italy in 70 years and conditions linked to a disaster last Sunday when a large section of the Marmolada glacier stopped and crashed on pedestrians.

The death toll has risen to nine, with five people who were hiking there, still unaccounted for.

“The tragic event in Marmolada is the latest example of disasters associated with warming temperatures and thus climate change,” efovič said.

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