Europe now has a champion to stand up for OpenAI

Europe now has a champion to stand up for OpenAI

The European Union has become a pioneer by agreeing to the first law to regulate artificial intelligence in the world, which will be implemented from 2026.

While member countries are trying to establish a regulatory framework so that these technologies do not get out of hand, AI innovation continues to grow in various parts of the Old Continent.

One of the companies that has become a leader in this field is Mistral AI. This start of French origin closes a investment megaaround worth 385 million euroswho made it one of Europe’s leaders in artificial intelligence.

The operation, which raised the value of Mistral to 2,000 million dollars and it was done the only french unicorn Until now, it was led by the California-based fund Andreessen Horowitz,

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What makes this company special is not only the large amount of funds it has accumulated, but it has done so in a short period of time. Mistral AI is almost half a year old. It was born in May and in June it raised 105 million euros in financing.

This project is also financially supported by major ICT companies such as Salesforce or Nvidia.

Other AI champions in Europe

To date, the only AI startup that has achieved substantial financial support in Europe is German Aleph Alpha SUCCEEDS almost 500 million euros at the beginning of November.

The CEO of Mistral, Arthur Mensch, commented that this round marks “another important step in our acceleration” as reported AFP.

For many American media, the French company has become a powerhouse rival to OpenAI. Mistral offers organizations open source language models powered by public data.

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Its three co-founders are French. Besides Mensch, 31, there are Guillaume Lample and Timothee Lacroix. All of them have experience with important American technology companies, including Meta.