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Friday, March 5, 2021

Europe was developed even 5000 years ago, revealed in research – people used to use bronze ring as currency.

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In Europe today, currencies such as the British pound to the euro are prevalent. But there was a period in Europe, when people used bronze rings, bangles and ax blades as money. Researchers have revealed this about the currencies prevalent in Europe five thousand years ago. A new research has shown that in the beginning of the Bronze Age, the people of Europe also worked towards standardizing the size and weight of these items.

A key feature of the currency is standardization, but it can be difficult to identify in the archaeological record, as ancient people did not have better instruments for measurement like those of today. Researchers at Leiden University in the Netherlands have assessed the currency of the beginning of the Bronze Age in Central Europe. For this, the items of that period have been compared.

Study on items found from 100 secret stores

The items studied include rings and ax blades, which were made of bronze. The research team has examined five thousand bronze items found from more than 100 ancient secret stores. The study found that Europeans in the Bronze Age compared the weight of objects to a theory known as the Weber Fraction. Weber Fraction means that if the weight of the objects is the same, then the difference can be explained by weighing them with hands.

Bronze rings were used as currency in Europe

Researchers found that even though the weight of the items varied, but still 70 percent of bronze rings could not be said to differ in their weight by hand. The weight of all these was about 195 grams. Researchers have suggested that the consistent similarity in size and weight is evidence that these items were kept in secret stores. This also provides evidence that in Europe these goods were used as standardized currency.

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