Europe will require manufacturers to make it easier to repair your mobile phone or tablet

Europe will require manufacturers to make it easier to repair your mobile phone or tablet

The European regulatory framework is becoming a real litmus test for big technology companies. In recent months we have seen not only fines, but also the most important technology companies being prepared for significant structural changes in order to continue selling their devices in Europe, as with USB Type C in Europe or from outside Happens in case of loading apps. From your store. Demands that are interconnected. And they show that there are many implications for the conservation of the planet. And the European Commission wants to continue improving consumer protection with respect to the useful life of appliances with greater repair guarantees.

You can extend the life of your device

The aim of all this is of course to make our devices last longer, preventing more electronic waste from being generated. And for this additional guarantee is being demanded. At the moment it is just a proposal, but it has many signs of prospering and becoming a new workhorse against the business strategies of big technology companies. The Commission wishes to extend the implications of common standards to promote the repair of goods for consumers. And it does so with a new agreement that underlines the right to repair in which Europe is investing so much.

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In particular, the new rules establish that consumers will be able to make use of the one-year extended legal warranty when they seek product repair within the initial warranty period of every new appliance sold within the EU. And when that guarantee no longer exists because the initial period has passed without using it, Europe requires manufacturers to make it easier and cheaper to repair products.

This means that whenever possible, it is the preferred option for withdrawing products from the market and preventing them from becoming electronic waste. From Europe they want manufacturers to offer spare parts at affordable prices, and above all, to inform customers about existing repair programs as well as their prices, so that they are able to make a decision. And these prices need to be reasonable and not, as is happening now, become an element that deters customers from repairing products.

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And of course, we will try to completely eliminate the obstacles and barriers that manufacturers usually introduce when repairing their products, whether it is due to software or hardware limitations. The governments of each country will also be encouraged to promote schemes to encourage the public to repair their devices instead of throwing them away. And to do this they want to promote actions such as repair vouchers for citizens, which encourage them to repair and not buy new equipment.

All this will contribute to the continuing increase of electronic waste generated by rotating equipment. After this agreement, Parliament must approve the new text and from then on, everything will come into force 20 days after publication in the Official Journal of the EU.

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