Evenpoel cries his first Vuelta

Evenepoel llora su primera Vuelta

Heroes are glorified. remco evenpoel, the new king of the caste, the emotion flowing down his cheeks in the form of tears, his heart stirred up past sorrows and his soul guarding him, celebrating Vutta wrapped in joy which is pure emotion. without pathological Due to his fatal fall at the Vuelta, the young Belgian soared to the skies. It got bigger. Evenpole joins the dressing room of the stars of the grand premiere. The Belgian, who was about to break his back at Il Lombardia in 2020, came back strong from that painful path.

He managed to heal wounds, pain, overcome his nostalgic fear of descending, and rebuild himself. The best is the victory of the defeated. He reduced his weight but maintained his strength. dominant. solvent under any prism, andHe debunks the myth that he was not a cyclist capable of rising above the three-week limit., He climbed up.

Incidentally, this put an end to the legend of the Sierra de Guadarrama, who had worked some miracles a while back. Evenpoel didn’t accept anything in the final exam. how praise for Belgium. Utsav also captured another brave man, Richard Carapaz, Winner in Navcerada. The third laurel of Ecuador with a crown of thorns at the start of the race emphasizes the idea that glory belongs to the courageous.

The Vuelta’s finish, at the cost of Madrid’s splendor, was a Thriller An art and essay film for the stage, but for the general. The last coffee of the race was a bitter drink. The final week recalled Rojic, another cyclist, driven by ambition and courage. With the Slovenian in danger, Ivanpoel, who had a hard time sleeping due to the stress of watching himself before a unique day, will go to bed in red. Who will shine in Madrid.

more you can’t

Enrique Masso Tried to takeoff. This was his contribution. “I haven’t had a good day,” he said. Belgium felt no fear. Mass was responsible for the attack. compassionate image. Was walking. After two blinks, he understood that he had accepted any subversive option. Evenpoel touched his shoulder in the guts of La Morquera. the Vuelta ended there, Or possibly in Rogick’s accident at Tomares.

Mass would be second, 2:07 behind Belgium, the baby prodigy. John AyusoA boy just 19 years old will turn off the podium in Madrid after taming Superman lopez, The man of Alicante aims for the highest. At the top, Evanpoel celebrated the feat by throwing his fist into the sky. Later on, his character became proud, vulnerable, with an arrogant point, raised collar and condescending eyes. Finally the iron mask fell, tumbled down. He covered his face. humanized. He connected with himself. Mumble. On the slopes they sang his name. Ramco, Ramco! Calling for another summit. May the king be immortal.

crossed lives

A hypothesis or an idea, rather, of six degrees of separation, by which it is thought that any person can be connected to another person on the planet through a series of acquaintances consisting of no more than five mediators. . If the world is a handkerchief, then the platoon is the neighborhood, so many lives crossed, coiled and entangled in the period of asphalt. Everything is interconnected. Joint like the bellows of an accordion. among jai hindleAustralia and Louis. born in Mintjes, South African, are approximately 10,500 km away. Vuelta has summoned him. So far away, he shook hands at the finish line.

For a good part of the day Mintzes threatened Hindley’s tenth. Australian porters worked to hunt mintzes. A mix of interests put Evanpole in a carriage. It crossed Canencia and first Navcerada and Navafria. without a tick of pain, Movistar bowed after leaking, Myriad, with 26 numbers from all races. A commotion on the way to La Morquera, where the X was printed to encourage rebellion. 1985 resonated in memory, with peter slimand 2015, with –Fabio Aru, myths and legends.

empty pills

Some examples for the month. Valverde and Muhlberger He proceeded like a front guard. That didn’t distract Evanpoel, his face focused. The leader does not believe in mythology. His point is Watts. Pagan. science man. The Belgian was hooked to the wheel of Maas, the only track that mattered to him. The group of favorites decreased. Carlos Rodriguez, the mutilated body, was bound by pain. A test to advance on all fours. Verona pressed to light the Mass, whose brightness was dim. a matchbox, A candle that has hardly any oxygen to give life. Evenpole blew it.

no-sniff leader, bossyMouth closed, well gestured. Alone, without companions, but carefree. He endured loneliness with the company of trust, the best mantra. The mass discovered 40 kilometers away shrank. His revolution died before his birth, Nothing happened at La Morquera, a steep climb between the nobles, gathered in the hall, greeting each other without disturbing each other. each in his chair. Ayuso fluttered something, mosquito flight.

ceasefire for the end

No one in the lineage wanted to spread wings. No one wanted to be Icarus when the pieces of the Vuelta remained. protection instinct. With some pretentious and ugly curves, Evanpoel and Maas make peace, some time before they were suffering from vertigo and fear of falling down as ugly. ceasefire. Truce.

End of hostilities until the climb to Cotos, The procession-opener Menztes, Carapaz and Higuita weren’t the ones to throw flowers at each other, Ecuador launched. South Africa came out. Higuita was hooked. Favorites that became thick with the remnants of fleece, castaway, turned fluffy.

In Cotos, conformity was strengthened because The pantry was empty. staying alive. Adaptation to the environment. In that ecosystem, Evenpol was only seen in Madrid. Superman Lopez wanted to be in the podium photo. For that he had to separate Ayuso. Colombian, incurable, cyclothymic, unfolded. Young Ayuso found himself in his shadow. Acceleration removed fat. Thin body.

Vuelta had only the skeleton left, where the muscles of Evanpol and Carapaz stood out, two strong men with valiant fibres. Only Carapaz’s rebound, which energized Higuita, which he cooked with a slow fire of experience that fuels anxiety and euphoria, giving a spicy pale finish. The Sierra de Guadarrama served to highlight the primacy of the leader, the new king. Belgians coming from the future were transferred. Evenpoel cries his first Vuelta,