Events Aragon | Two arrested for falsifying prescriptions to obtain psychotropic drugs in Huesca


Two arrested for defrauding several pharmacies in Huesca and Zaragoza to obtain psychotropic drugscivil guard

Two individuals resident in the province of Barcelona have been investigated by the Civil Guard for the alleged involvement 33 crimes of falsification of documents relating to prescription falsification illegal acquisition of psychotropic drugs In many pharmacies in the provinces of Huesca and Zaragoza.

Research has been developed within the framework of operation avizone Carried out by the Organic Unit of the Judicial Police (UOPJ) of the Civil Guard of Huesca.

The investigation began in March 2023 when it was discovered At a pharmacy in Monzóna man had achievedthrough false prescriptionVarious medications, among others, tocin and trancimazinebrought to the attention of Official College of Pharmacists of Huesca.

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Armed establishment sources report that both investigated, 62 and 44 years, residents of the province of Barcelona and History of crimes of document falsification, Fake medical prescriptions were used, which also had a seal attached to them Issuance is indicated by a clinic in Lleida.

Thirteen pharmacies in Aragon were scammed

The barcode on these prescriptions was identical, and the number of the registered doctor who signed them was manipulated, allowing them on some occasions to obtain the desired medications and on other occasions to go through without success.

The investigation conducted by the UOPJ of the Civil Guard revealed that the alleged perpetrators He worked in various fieldsresulting in the pharmacies of Somontano, pharmacies of Cinca Medio, six in bajo sinka and three in Zaragoza.

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UOPJ agents of the Civil Guard on January 25 identified two persons And he carried out the corresponding proceedings, which were referred to the Court of First Instance of Barbastro and Directive No. 2.

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