Evernote has done away with the free plan: it now only offers 50 notes and a notebook


Evernote, the popular note-taking application, has announced radical changes to its free plan that will never go away. Starting December 4, users who do not pay for a subscription to the service, They are limited to 50 notes and a notebook. Practically, you cannot store or organize anything.

Existing free users who exceed these limits can continue to access, edit, delete, and export their notes, but create new notes that exceed these limits. , need to upgrade to a payment plan or remove old ones.

The company indicated that most free accounts already fall within these limits. According to Evernote, when establishing these new restrictions, they considered that most of their free users do not exceed the threshold of fifty notes and a notebook. However, for those who need more capacity, Evernote offers plans premium, including $15 USD Personal plan per month with 10 GB of monthly uploads and an $18 USD per month plan that doubles this capacity to 20 GB, among other benefits.

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Useful Evernote Alternatives

Evernote acknowledges that these changes may lead users to reconsider their relationship with the app. As alternatives with more generous free plans, the company mentions options such as Notion, Microsoft OneNote, Google Keep, Bear, Obsidian and SimpleNote. Even for Apple device users, the native Notes App is a good option and synchronized cross-platform with Web access available when you are outside the apple ecosystem.

These changes come after Evernote’s parent company, Bending Spoons, will move its operations from the US and Chile to Europe in the beginning and middle of this year, laying off almost all of its employees. The company – at the time – stated that Evernote was not profitable for many years.

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